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Isko Warns vs Coddling of Criminals

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno warns barangay officials against coddling criminals in their areas of jurisdiction. (JERRY S. TAN)

MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno warned barangay officials against coddling wanted persons, saying this runs counter to his policy of even offering cash rewards for fugitives from justice who get arrested.

Moreno’s warning came after learning that one of the suspects in the shooting murder of a COVID marshall of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) which was unprovoked and in a residential area is wanted for 16 counts of murder.

The mayor also expressed his deepest condolences to the family of victim Ronald Malonzo, 39, MTPB Traffic Marshal, of 1955 Modesto St., Malate, Manila.

Moreno lamented how the suspects orphaned a family for no reason at all and showed on his live broadcast the faces and identities of the suspects, namely Benhar Mapagmahal; an alias Arnel’ and one Musa Sangkity alias ‘Johari,’ as he appealed for help from the netizens to help the city locate them, offering a reward of P100,000 for any information.

Moreno showed the entire incident caught by a CCTV in the area during his live public address and which took place on September 18, at around 9:52 p.m. along Railroad Street corner 12th Street in Port Area, Manila.

The mayor noted the wanton disregard for the law, for the life of the victim and even the presence of children in the area, when the suspects shot the victim at close range while the latter was merely sitting on a bench.

“Walang pagtatalo, walang away, wala lang at all. Ginawa nilang karne, di pa nakuntento sinilip pa kung nahinga pa tapos kaswal na kaswal umalis,” Moreno said as the screen showed the incident.

The suspects were seen getting out of an alley. The first shooter’s gun jammed and the second shooter backed him up and shot the victim himself. When the victim fell off the chair face up, the second shooter fired once more and then checked if the victim was dead before he casually walked back into the alley where he came from, gun in hand, along with the first shooter. The third suspect’s role was not clear.

The mayor lamented that none of the barangay officials who have jurisdiction in the area or the residents there, bothered to inform the authorities about what happened as in fact, the suspects were even told to leave and escape before authorities arrive.

According to Moreno, he received information that the suspects are related to certain barangay officials in the area which explains why they were that bold.

“Ni hindi kayo tumulong, inimpormahan nyo pang tumakas dahil parating na gobyerno. Wala ring nag-report. Sa loob ng iskinita galing ang suspects. ‘Yung komunidad, bale-wala sa kanila nangyayari. Ýung mga barangay officials dun, hinahayaan nila me 16 counts na murder tapos namumuhay sa kanilang pamayanan na parang normal na tao. Pasok sa iskinita, labas ng iskinita, mamamaril, pasok ulit, tulog na. Ngayon, wala na kayong puwang sa Maynila,” Moreno said, in reference to the barangay officials and community members in the said area where the shooting took place.

Meanwhile, later in the evening, the MPD reported that three persons, namely Melissa Asjali, 38, a vendor, of 12th St., Port Area, Manila; Arnel Abas, 33, a native of Maguindanao, Mindanao, surrendered to the police after learning that their pictures were shown on Moreno’s live broadcast, saying they wanted to clear their names as they denied involvement in the said shooting.

They voluntarily surrendered to Barangay EX-O of Brgy 650, Rodolfo Trono who then accompanied them to the Baseco Police Station.

They were turned over to the Manila Police District-homicide section for proper disposition.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight