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Janella after giving birth: Are fans still interested?

Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson

JANELLA Salvador finally admitted what we already know: that she got pregnant by Markus Paterson and they had a child in London. The baby is a boy and named Jude Trevor and was born on October 20, 2020. She already uploaded on her and Markus’ joint vlog a video chronicling her pregnancy up to the time that the baby was delivered.

Prior to this, Janella wrote that she was so hurt because of all the body shaming she got for the excess weight she gained during her pregnancy. Now, she admits she didn’t confess to her pregnancy right away because people can really be so harsh. But her being so proud of her baby got the better of her.

This is what she wrote about her baby: “You’re too precious to not be shared. The world deserves to see the precious smiles you give us, the ones that melt our hearts. The world deserves to see you grow into your own unique self. I can’t believe you’re mine.”

It’ll be recalled that Janella was first linked to Elmo Magalona and their relationship ended badly with hints that she was a battered girlfriend. After that, she was linked to Joshua Garcia when they did “The Killer Bride”, but it now appears that it’s just part of the hype to help promote the show, as it turns out that she was already on with Markus by then, although they didn’t admit their relationship in public.

In September, they finally admitted that they’re going steady and soon after that, Janella flew to England where Markus lives with his family. Tongues wagged that she’s already infanticipating, but they just kept quiet.

It’s so easy to deduce even then that the rumors are true as they could have denied it right away. But there’s no denial at all. Even from Janella’s manager, Manny Valera, who chose to just stay silent when asked about this.

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, even their celebrity friends are congratulating them on the internet for their newborn baby. The reaction to the video they uploaded showing the baby is very positive.

Markus said: “We didn’t expect that the reaction of the public will be so warm. But I guess it really was the perfect time, kaya inilabas na namin. Pero noong una, talagang we wanna shield our son from everything and keep ­things as quiet as possible. We’re just happy na maganda ‘yung video, maganda ‘yung introduction. I can’t wait for Jude to watch it himself and appreciate it.”

Janella says seeing their baby surely changed her priorities. “The moment na I saw him, parang lahat ng priorities ko noong time na ‘yun, nawala. It went out of the window. Like everything is now for him, forever is always for this whole man that I’m holding in my arms. Hindi ako naiyak, hindi ako natawa, nakatulala lang ako, nakatitig lang ako sa kanya for hours. Sa lahat ng family and friends namin that kept the secret with us, that helped us throughout the journey: he’s out, he’s happy, he’s growing, he’s fat, and we’re happy and everything’s beautiful. Until now, his smiles are the most beautiful in the world. Lahat ng hirap, lahat ng early morning wake up, sobrang worth it kapag nakita ko na ‘yung mukha niya.”

The question now is: Can Janella still come back in showbiz and will people continue to support her? Well, that all remains to be seen. Let’s hope she can follow in the footsteps of Jennylyn Mercado, the single mom who staged a successful return after she gave birth to her love child and is now one of the biggest stars of the Kapuso network.