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Jessy happy with TV5, Luis soon to follow

Jessy Mendiola
Jessy Mendiola

JESSY Mendiola is happy to be hosting a physical fitness show on TV5 every Sunday at 7 AM, with primetime replay on Colours Channel on Monday at 7 PM. This is the sure indication that she’s no longer with ABS-CBN.

“But I will always feel indebted to ABS and Star Magic,” she says. “They started everything for me and Mr. Johnny Manahan helped a lot in boosting my confidence sa sarili ko. And I can feel their concern kahit wala na ako with them, kasi nag-text pa sila sa akin para kumustahin ako at kung ano ang nangyayari sa akin. I’ve never burn bridges with them naman kasi. Nagpaalam ako nang maayos last year pa.”

So how is it working “Fit for Life”?

“I’m enjoying it immensely and it’s really helpful to everyone, lalo sa panahon ngayon na may worldwide health crisis and health officials tell us our best defense against disease is by maintaining good health always.”

In the show, she shares her own fitness experience towards a healthier lifestyle.

“There was a time na I was out of shape and I admit na napabayaan ko rin ang sarili ko. It’s good I became a fitness enthusiast and eventually got rid off whatever excess weight I gained.”

Her show offers full body exercises for both men and women.

“Pero hindi lang ito puro exercise. I also give tips on how to do healthy dishes with recipes that are easy to follow, combined with inspiring pep talks about how to live a more fulfilling life.”
She also has special guests in each episode of the segment “Workout with Jessy”.

“The guests will help me demonstrate the various exercises routines. Tapos I sit down with our celebrity guest to talk about his or her own personal fitness journey. May guest din akong chef to show how to cook super healthy meals that are friendly to one’s budget pero masarap pa rin.”

Other segments include “Ask Jessy”, where she can accept video calls for viewers to ask her and her guest relevant questions about fitness, and “Achievement Unlocked”, where viewers who had their own weight-loss success stories can share their own victorious experiences to encourage other viewers to keep fit.

And the latest news about Jessy is that her beau, Luis Manzano, might soon be joining her on TV5. If negotiations would not be derailed, Luis is said to be hosting a new noontime show with good friend Billy Crawford who no doubt needs a job now since his wife Coleen Garcia is due to deliver their first baby anytime soon since it’s already her “kabuwanan”.

Bugoy admits being a young father

Ennajie Laure, EJ, and Scarlet
Ennajie Laure, EJ, and daughter Scarlet

BUGOY Carino is best known as the child actor who played Jericho Rosales’ kidnapped son in the award-winning film, “Alagwa”. He was discovered when he won in ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Quest for Kids and he then became a mainstay in the kiddie show, ‘‘Going Bulilit”. As a teener, he became a part of Hashtags on “Showtime” and shone as an amazing dancer.

Then he suddenly vanished. The rumor was that at 15, he got a girl preggy and was ousted by ABS-CBN from the group, along with Jon Lucas who also became a dad at an early age. He denied it then.

The mother of his baby is Ennajie Laure, former volleyball captain of the UST team who later joined the Philippine national team. She also vehemently denied then that she’s infanticipating. Ennajie at 23 is 5 years older than Bugoy, so it’s not surprising that some quarters jokingly called her a cradle-snatcher.

Now, the cat is finally out of the bag as Bugoy has admitted in his social media account that yes, he’s already a father. He even posted a picture of his partner EJ and their daughter, a cute little girl named Scarlet. He even greeted himself along with the photo: “Happy birthday to me!”

He did this in time for 18th birthday celebration last September 3, which means he’s now of legal age, unlike when the baby was conceived and born when he just a minor. This is what he wrote in his social media account:

“Happy to have a family na mahal na mahal ako. Pagsisikapan ko pong itaguyod ang blessing na ito. Thank you for your unending support and I love you both, Mommy EJ and Baby Scarlet!”

Well, as they say, the truth will set you free. The question now is whether Bugoy can still resume his showbiz career. No doubt he’s cute, a good actor and a great dancer. But there’s no more “Showtime” so he can’t return to that show. Also, Bugoy is one of those child actors who became vertically challenged when they got older. Despite this, we wish him all the best for the sake of his family.

Gloria and Elizabeth in another face-off

GLORIA Diaz and Elizabeth Oropesa first had a face off in our very first Miss Universe’s debut movie, “Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Hayop ng Lupa”, where they had a revealing beach scene in their wet white T-shirts. Since then, they have become seasoned actress who have both won many acting awards.

Now, they’re together in this Sunday’s “Telesine Presents: Giyera Patani” on GMA-7, a riotous comedy where they play mortal enemies. Gloria plays Upeng while Beth O plays Udang.

They are both made pregnant by the same man who suddenly passed away. With their man gone, they now fight over the money and properties he left behind. The situation gets worse and worst as the two women’s conflict eventually involved their respective families who get entangled with their feud.

This is treated as a comedic farce so brace yourselves for lots of riotous laughs as they both try to lay claim on what they think is rightfully theirs. Catch “Telesine Presents: Giyera Patani” this Sunday night right after “The Boobay and Tekla Show” on GMA Network.

Giyera Patani