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KartRider: Drift races into its inaugural season with console cross-play date reveal

KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift, Nexon’s completely free-to-play kart racing title, announced today its Season One date when consoles will join the online racing mix. Current Preseason PC and mobile racers on Steam, Nexon Launcher, Android, and iOS, will soon be able to compete head-to-head against Xbox and PlayStation players from all over the globe in thrilling, drift-fueled racing. Full cross-platform cross-play will be available when Season One “New World” arrives on Thursday, Mar. 9. Season One also brings with it exciting new content – brand new content and racetracks, a season-long theme plus many other improvements alongside daily player rewards and events.

KartRider: Drift isn’t as simple as it may seem. The easy-to-learn, hard-to-master title offers distinct game modes designed to train and challenge new and veteran racers:

  • In Item Mode, various offensive and defensive items (such as shields, barricades and nitrous boosts) are collected and can then be strategically deployed to help or hinder other racers on the track in an attempt to cross the finish line first.
  • Speed Mode puts the racer’s drifting skills to the test with no-holds-barred arcade racing and no items to slow racers down. The fastest racer claims the trophy at the podium.
  • The License System is a series of courses designed to test a racer’s mettle and raise their skill level. Completing License challenges unlocks unique player items such as karts, characters and additional tracks.
  • In Time Attack Mode, racers can push their skills to the limit to top the leaderboards.

With a dazzling array of unique characters and karts, KartRider: Drift players have complete control over customization options to express themselves fully and cross the finish line in style. More characters, karts, accessories, and emotes can be unlocked via the Normal Racing Pass, where racers can complete different daily challenges and event challenges. New premium challenges and rewards are also available with the purchase of a Premium Racing Pass.

While still in Preseason, KartRider: Drift will continue to add improvements and make adjustments to the core game experience based on player feedback in an upcoming update on Thursday, Feb. 16. Update details will be available on the KartRider: Drift site as the date approaches.

Players can follow the official website for all the latest update news and information. KartRider: Drift is available to download and play now on Steam, Nexon Launcher, iOS App Store, and Google Play.

Don’t be left at the starting line – now’s the time for players to download KartRider: Drift and get racing today.

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About Kartrider: Drift

KartRider: Drift is Nexon’s new multiplayer kart racing party game, taking inspiration from earlier titles in the KartRider franchise, delivering drift-fueled racing action and featuring multiple game modes and deep kart and character customization in stunning Unreal® Engine 4 graphics. Available on Steam, the Nexon Launcher, mobile (iOS and Android) during Preseason, and with Xbox and PlayStation consoles joining at the launch of Season 1, KartRider: Drift offers free-to-play, online cross-platform play and progression to challenge friends regardless of the platform they choose.

Launched in 2004, the original KartRider was the first title in Nexon’s legendary kart racing series, and subsequently gained huge popularity in Asia and beyond, amassing more than 380 million players during the nineteen years since release. As a franchise, KartRider has established a strong brand across Asian markets and a huge eSports presence in Asia, with an official league starting in 2005. It continues to be the longest-running eSports league to date.

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