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KC on Piolo: ‘He knows I care for him’

KC Concepcion has expressed her own feelings about Piolo Pascual at about the same time that BB Gandanghari (the former Rustom Padilla) revealed that she had an affair with Piolo in San Francisco in 2001. KC says she now lives in the province but she continues to make her presence felt with her online chikahans.

She shrugs off the latest scuttlebutt about her that she’s actually hiding in the province because she’s preggy and the dad of her child is Piolo. Of course, she laughs this off and even her mom, Sharon Cuneta, declared in her own social media account that this is absolute fake news. But she says she’s just okay with Piolo.

Sharon says: “I do not and will not have problem with Piolo at all in any area of my life or in our family. I love you PJ. Thank you for your love, respect and friendship. God bless you always.”

It’s an open book that KC and Piolo became sweethearts but she broke up with him due to reasons undisclosed up to now. Now, she says she’s more relaxed talking about Piolo since she has completely moved on from their controversial breakup.

“He has been a part of my life and this kind of conversation really helps people get to know me more and of course part naman talaga ‘yun ng buhay ko and that’s my truth,” she says.

She even recalled the first time she realized she had feelings for Piolo and that’s when he visited the set of a movie she was then shooting with Richard Gutierrez.

“I noticed, ‘Para siyang may halo on his head. Parang may light.’ I remember that,” she says. “So parang at that time, dun ko na-realize na tinamaan pala ako. Our relationship was very real for me. That was like my first announced relationship. And there’s a reason why we ended up together.”

Why did she have to be interviewed on TV about the breakup? “I was then so young and naïve. The relationship was announced publicly, that’s why it also had to be announced in public when it ended. I can’t pretend. I cannot act on the set. I cannot act like we are together, just to sell something. I was also very honest with myself at that time and I just said there’s no way I could continue to work with him.”

Did she regret admitting in public that they split up? “I regret that we had to end. I think that in any relationship, you really have faith in it and you go into it not thinking that you want to end it. You go into it thinking that you want it.”

So how is she and Piolo now? “As with any breakup, you cannot be best friends with an ex. But we are civil, we are OK. When we did a show in London much later, he asked if we could talk and without saying too much, we were able to talk a little bit. And it was a really funny, nice catch-up after everything. He knows that I know him. He knows that I care for him, for who he truly is. He knows that I will always be watching him from afar.”

She shares another realization. “We all go through things in life. Whatever you go through, you will bring it into the relationship that you have. So you have to make peace with the things you went through before, before you go into a relationship kasi kung hindi, bitbit mo ‘yun like a piece of baggage.”