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Kris’ comeback TV show stopped again

Kris Aquino

WE feel sad for Kris Aquino since her journey to return to primetime TV is stalled once again. We’re told there’s been a conflict between Kris and the producers of her show called Positive Exposure Production, that’s why the supposed airing of “Love Life with Kris” has been stopped again.

Too bad because the promotion for the show is now going full blast. Kris reportedly tried to get other producers, like her management company, Cornerstone, that’s handling her now, but the problem is it’s Positive Exposure who have signed the contract with TV5.

Someone also told us the show was offered to ex-Cong. Albee Benitez who’s supposed to be a blocktime producer with TV 5, but it turns out Benitez has not really formally signed up with the network yet.

Some folks say it’s Kris’ dreaded ghost month so things are not working smoothly for her and she should just have waited for the show to start until the month is all over. Besides, we’re on MECQ these days and so inviting guests to come to the studio will be difficult due to heightened security protocols.

We also feel sorry for the loyal fans of Kris who have been sending us messages saying they’re so happy she would finally be back on TV and they promise to support “Love Life with Kris” once it starts airing. This is so different from that time when her mother, the late Cory Aquino, was president and everyone was trying to get her.

Her career turned sour when her brother Noynoy no longer became the president and ABS-CBN let go of her and no one would get her so she turned to digital broadcasting. Maybe her fans should just pray for all the kinks to be ironed out as soon as possible, so that there will still be some possibility for her show to be aired on free TV in the not-so-distant future.