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Kris’ show not shelved but deferred to later date

Kris Aquino

KRIS Aquino was earlier so energized and optimistic about the prospect of her returning to television with a new show on Channel 5. She was jubilant in her Instagram account when she announced that a new chapter in her life is starting soon. The title of the show is supposedly “Love Life with Kris” and its pilot episode is said to start airing on July 25.

She even wrote on her Instagram account: “I don’t know if you’re like me, but i somehow believe my mom communicates with me in my dreams, most especially when she wants to reassure me that i’m on the right track. does that happen to you with your loved ones who are now in heaven?

“I’m blessed because i have sisters who really pray constantly for my happiness… and in a world that seems devoid of loyalty, there are a few good men who have continued to honor my mom’s memory by looking out for her “baby”. very soon you’ll know why my sisters & i were praying our thanks, and why my 2 sons were hugging me because they were so happy that their mama is excited about this next chapter in her life.

“To all of you who have been patiently waiting, and also praying with & for me- malapit na. THANK YOU for also not giving up. Love, kris 🤍”

She sounds so hopeful then sounding like the show is a sure thing. But now, Kris’ Instagram account is currently deactivated and she’s not making any new post after news that her show won’t be pushing through, after all, spread like wildfire. No one is talking about it to clear things up and we heard various versions as to why the show is stalled.

Of course, Kris’ loyal fans are so disappointed as they all thought they’d get to watch their idol again live on free TV. Of the many reasons we heard why the show has been axed even before it has started, the most believable is the one that says the reason is political because she is a “dilawan” identified with her brother, former Pres. Noynoy Aquino and someone connected with the present dispensation objected to that.
We don’t know how true this is, but now, hope springs eternal as the latest chism is that “Love Life with Kris” is not really being shelved or cancelled, but its telecast date is just being delayed or deferred to a later date.

“Gusto lang munang ayusing mabuti ang buong show bago simulan,” someone said. “Just wait na lang until further notice.”

Well, we’re sure her fans would be willing to wait a bit more. After all, her career has been in hiatus for several years now and patience is a virtue, so she’d be more than willing to wait, for sure, the strong survivor that she is. So Kris Aquino diehards, just continue praying that all obstacles in the return of your idol on air will be demolished soon so we can all see her again on national TV.