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Labor group hits 35-hour work week

THE labor group, Defend Jobs Philippines yesterday expressed opposition to House Bill 309 which seeks to reduce the weekly work schedule for workers in the private sector for 35 hours a week maximum.

The proposed bill was approved on second reading at the House of Representatives.

According to the group, HB309 is no different to the defunct and unaccepted compressed work week proposals in the past which only aims to slash the already low daily wages of our workers and rob the working people’s historic victory in pushing for 8-hour work.

The proposed 35-hour work week is nothing but a clear attack to our Filipino workers’ wages, job security and benefits,” said Christian Lloyd Magsoy, Defend Jobs Philippines spokesperson.

The group also fears that once enacted, HB309 will only further intensify labor flexibilization scheme in the country.

According to Magsoy, “the proposed bill will eventually be used to legitimize contractualization and massive termination of workers across the country.

He also insisted that the proposal will aggravate non-payment of overtime pays and other benefits of our workers.

Defend Jobs Philippines vowed to launch campaigns against the passage of HB309 at all cost.