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Labor group launches Pirma Ko Para sa P100 Umento

MEMBERS of the labor group, Defend Jobs Philippines brought their P100 emergency wage relief across-the-board increase campaign to the grassroot level as they launched yesterday the “Pirma Ko Para sa P100 Umento” offline and online signature drive at the Trabajo Market in Manila.

The group wooed workers, vendors, motorists and ordinary people to sign in their petition as sign of support to their pending P100 wage hike petition for all minimum wage earners across the country. It can be recalled that on February 22, Defend Jobs Philippines officially filed the said petition at the Labor Department’s National Wage and Productivity Commission (NWPC).

Aside from the offline signing activity yesterday, the labor group also called on workers and netizens to express their support online by signing their change dot org online petition: https://www.change.org/P100WageHikeNow.

Defend Jobs Philippines said it aims to gather the most number of signatures that they will present to the NWPC and members of employers groups, as they defend their petition in the coming weeks.

Christian Lloyd Magsoy, petitioner and spokesperson of Defend Jobs Philippines confirmed they had just received official communications from representatives of the NWPC, saying they had already forwarded the petition to the wage board.

We urge NWPC officials and Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello to have at least a sense of urgency in dealing with our petiton as the issue of wage increase in this time of COVID-19 pandemic is a life-and-death situation for Filipino workers nationwide. Speedy process and favorable results for our P100 emergency wage relief across-the-board increase petition are badly needed in order to save our working people from drowning in the sea of surging prices of basic commodities and services in time of a national public health emergency. Every second of delay in facing and granting a pro-labor resolution on our petition means another minimum wage earner and its family being victimized by the rising cost of living today,” said Magsoy.

Defend Jobs Philippines earlier said they hope the NWPC will not sit down on their petition.