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Lawyer from Samar is new IBP President

Atty. Antonio C. Pido
Atty. Antonio C. Pido

The new national President of the country’s only compulsory organization of lawyers was inducted last Tuesday by the Supreme Court En Banc.

Atty. Antonio C. Pido of Samar succeeds Burt Estrada whose term of office as President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ended last June 30.

Pido is a former President of IBP Samar Chapter and Governor for Eastern Visayas region. He also served as Executive Vice President under Estrada.

Pido is part of the University of the Philippines College of Law class of 1982 where he was a member of the Order of the Purple Feather honor society.

In his inaugural speech Tuesday evening, Pido said that the IBP must speak on the “legal issues affecting our nation and our communities.”

Among the legal issues Pido cited is the obligation of government to uphold human rights. He also referred to the simmering tension in the West Philippine Sea.

“We have legal issues on our territorial seas which have been adversely affecting subsistence fishermen against foreign intrusion. This is guaranteed to be protected under Section 7, Article XIII of the 1987 Constitution… the IBP has a public responsibility to do its share in making people aware of what the law on the matter is – all geared towards upholding the rule of law in the Philippines,” Pido said.

“The IBP shall not shy away from speaking with one voice on these legal issues,” he added.

Also inducted were Allan Panolong as Executive Vice President and Governor for Western Mindanao, Minerva Taguinod as Governor for Northern Luzon, Kriden Balgomera as Governor for Greater Manila, Annalyn Sherry Hibo-Gamboa as Governor for Bicolandia, Pitero Reig as Governor for Southern Luzon, Cres Tan as Governor for Western Visayas, Marlo Destura as Governor for Eastern Visayas, and PN Trinidad as Governor for Eastern Mindanao.

Maria Imelda Quiambao-Tuazon is the newly appointed officer in charge for IBP Central Luzon.

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