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Laylo, Paragua lead PCAP All-Star voting


PASIG Pirates, led by GMs Darwin Laylo and Roland Salvador, emerge as the top vote-getters in the North after three days of voting in the Professional Chess Association of the Philippines (PCAP) All-Star Game scheduled on May 2.

In the South, GM Mark Paragua of the PCAP All-Filipino runner-up Camarines Soaring Eagles took the early lead in the voting which ends April 18.

The top seven players in each division — three rated, one female, one senior and two homegrown — will be named to the All-Star teams.

The remaining seven players will be voted by the players and coaches of the member-teams.

Laylo, one of the country’s most-experienced players, garnered 3,139 votes to lead the way among rated players in the North.

Another Pasig player, Salvador, is second overall with 2,924 votes, while Asia’s first GM Eugene Torre of the Rizal Towers is third with 628 votes.

Completing the top five vote-getters in the North are GM Julio Sadorra of the Manila Indios Bravos, fourth with 294 votes, ad IM John Marvin Miciano, also of Manila, with 250 votes.

United States-based GM Oliver Barbosa of San Juan Predators is a close sixth with 247 votes.

Austin Jacob Literatus of newly-crowned PCAP All-Filipino champion Laguna Heros is ninth with 173 votes.

Notably absent in the list of top vote-getters is GM Rogelio Barcenila, Jr. of Laguna.

Sherily Cua of Pasig is also way ahead in the voting for top female player with 3,183 votes.

Reigning national women’s champion Jan Jodilyn Fronda of San Juan and Christy Lamiel Bernales of Antipolo Cobras are second and third with 293 and 123 votes, respectivrly.

Also in the early list are Karen Enriquez of Laguna with 105 votes and Kris Angelique Melicano of Rizal with 90. votes.

In the senior board, Rudy Ibanez of Pasig leads the way with 2,790 votes, followed by Ricky de Guzman of San Juan with 122 votes, Efren Bagamasbad of Laguna with 82 votes, Cris Ramayrat with 64 votes and Ceferino Isaac, Jr. with 45 votes.

Three Pasig players — Cromwell Sabado (2,208), Ferdinand Palermo ( 1,822) and Gerry Nudalo ( 1,091).- lead the battle for the two homegrown boards.

Deniel Causo and Angelo Young , both of Manila, are too far behind with 93 and 90 votes, respectively.

the South, Paragua has 315 votes against 180 votes of GM Rogelio Antonio, Jr. of Iloilo Kisela Knights , 166 votes of Ellan Asuela of Camarines, 151 votes of Nelson Mariano III of Negros Kingsmen and 131 votes of Karl Victor Ochoa of Iloilo.

Shania Mae Mendoza of the Palawan Queen’s Gambit is sixth with 106 votes.

In the female board, Cherry Ann Mejia of Iloilo leads the way with 151 votes.

Also getting votes are RowelynJoy Acedo of Negros of Kingsmen (103), Marie Antoinette San Diego of Palawan Queens’ Gambit (31), Eraline Alvarez of Camarines ( 27) and Faith Mangubat of Cebu Machers ( 26).

Rosendo Bandal, Jr. of Negros Kingsmen is the top senior vote-getter with 86 votes.

Cesar Mariano of Iloilo follows closely behind with 82 votes.

Also in the magic c list are Carlo Lorena of Camaries ( 60 votes), Dr. Jenny Mayor of Zamboanga Sultans ( 46 votes) and IM Rico Mascarinas of Toledo City Trojans ( 25 votes).

Top vote-getters among homegrown players from the South are Joel Pimentel of Negros (87), Virgen Gil Ruaya of Camarines (61), John Michael Silvederio of Iloilo (55), Ronald Llavanes of Camarines ( 35), Christian Mark Daluz of Camarines (31), Roizon Roullo of Negros (29), Vinc Angelo Medina of Laguna (28) and Fritz Bryan Porras of Iloilo (27).

PCAP president-commissioner Atty. Paul Elauria said voting of players will end on April 18.