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Lechon, Wine, and Beer Are Headlining the Filipino Christmas Celebration

Chritmas Time, A Time to Feast

Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year. Besides the birth of Jesus Christ, it is also one of the longest celebrated holidays in the country.

In an Interview from CNBC Travel, according to Marot Nelmida-Flores, a professor of Philippine studies at the University of the Philippines Diliman, the Christmas fever starts on September 1 which is also the official start of the so-called “Ber months”.

Since Christmas is a few days left from now, besides gifts and parties, Christmas is also a feast where the most famous holiday dishes and drinks are served.

iPrice’s insights team conducted a study gathering the top 5 most searched Filipino Christmas Foods and Alcoholic beverages from December 1 to January 1 to show which dish and alcoholic drink is the most popular during the Christmas season.

Lechon Reigns Supreme, Filipino Style Spaghetti Follows

Having Lechon on the table means that there is a special occasion going on. Whether its festivities celebrated in the various places in the country or someone’s graduation, Lechon will always be the star of the show in any big events, and Christmas for sure is one of those occasions.

According to the wall street Journal, “lechon” means “pig” in Spanish and this, combined with the dish’s resemblance to Spain’s cochinillo asado, or oven-roasted suckling pig, raises the possibility that it was introduced by the Spanish colonizers who first arrived in the country in the 16th century.

Lechon has the highest search interests in Google Trends, averaging 30.13% from the start of December until New Year’s Eve. It is possible that the interest at the start of the month is for people who are starting to look for the best Lechon shops and making advanced orders and reservations to make sure they will have it on their tables.

Also, Taste Atlas, the encyclopedia of flavors mentions that Lechon is really one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines.

The Filipino Style Spaghetti, which is the sweet version of Italian Spaghetti, runs as the second most searched food during the Christmas holidays averaging 17.38%. It is also considered one of the staple foods to be served on several occasions. Its sweet taste with hotdogs and cheese caters to the young ones who are one of the main attendees in every celebration.

The other popular Christmas foods to have a high interest are the Pancit, Lumpia or spring/egg rolls, and Bibingka at 13%, 3.72%, and 3.66% respectively.

Chritmas Time, A Time to Feast

Wine Takes the Lead Online, but Beer Never Backs down

The word Inuman will always be present in Filipino Occasions, Christmas is one of them.

Wine tops the chart during the Christmas Season with an average of 33.34% and it peaked on New Year’s Eve. Same with the Lechon, Christmas is potentially the preliminary round and New Year’s Eve is the main event, especially since there will be lots of fireworks and Filipinos are all in especially there will be lots of fireworks as well.

Wine has more search interest probably because of the options and brands that people can choose from, and wine is commonly used for fancy dinners during Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Even though wine’s more popular online, it does not conclude that it is more popular than beer. A potential reason is that beer is more accessible than wine. Beers can be bought in the smallest stores which are called “Sari-sari” stores in small neighborhoods. And beer is cheaper than wine. That is why, according to data, beer gets the second spot at 10.75%.

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