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Lemon for positive energy


THERE are few things that happen sometimes in people’s  lives that science cannot explain. We call it spiritual phenomena that do exist around us and can affect everyone.

Some believe a lemon in the bedroom could help them regain positive energy. Read on to find out why.

Lemon is packed with minerals and vitamins important for great health. However besides that, it has unique subs-tance to fend off unfavorable energy. When we say unfavorable or unwanted energy, this may include, of course, negative energy (including bad vibes) any paranormal encounter or anything like that we do not see.

Feng Shui and Buddhism believe that lemon may help remove negative energy and bad vibes from a person.

Feng Shui believers and Buddhists do practice this special method of lemon in their life. People who had practiced this had experienced positive changes in their lives.

* Lemon with salt. To prepare this routine, it will be required to have a fresh lemon and cross it. In every one of the pieces you will put salt in grain and you will merge them in such a method that the salt is inside the  lemon. Then, you will close it and put it in your focal point or in a corner at the entryway of your home.

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This method would prevent bad vibes and unfavorable energy from entering your house. When somebody brings bad energy, it will be taken in by the citrus right away.

You will soon notice success, love and abundance in your life.

* Travel with lemon. You can put it in your portfolio or in a coat pocket. When it has actually dried, just discard it and replace with a fresh one.

* Lemon juice. Another method you can benefit from this citrus in lemon juice. You can blend your juice with a little water to clean your amulets and charms. In this method, you will eliminate the unfavorable charges, bad ideas and bad vibes of your house and your environments.

* Lemon leaves. There is a belief that if you prepare an infusion of lemon leaves and if you do this practice for seven consecutive days before sleeping, you will have more positive energy while sleeping.

By placing lemon on your bedside also enhances your spiritual sense and inner peace while you sleep and you will feel better the next morning.