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Libel case vs PVB dismissed

THE Office of the City Prosecutor of Antipolo has dismissed a libel complaint filed by food chain Cravings against officials of the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB).

Documents from the Antipolo Prosecutor’s Office showed that Cravings Food Services Inc (CFSI) filed the libel complaint on February 26, 2019 alleging that the civil case filed by PVB against it blemished the honor of its business.

It claimed that the civil proceedings being pursued by the bank made CFSI appear that it participated in fraudulent acts and dishonorable conduct. It added that such negative connotation tarnished the name and goodwill of the company.

In a resolution dated March 7, 2019, Antipolo City Prosecutor Mari Elvira Herrera approved the dismissal of the libel complaint. CFSI filed a motion for reconsideration but the Prosecutor’s Office denied the appeal in a resolution dated October 23, 2019.

On February 6, 2018, the PVB filed a case against CFSI for collection of sum of money and damages. The court also granted the bank a writ of preliminary attachment so PVB attached several properties registered in the names of CFSI, CNA Culinary Services, Inc.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight