Sarsaparilla Beef Brisket Stew

October 03, 2019
Sarsaparilla Beef Brisket Stew
Sarsaparilla Beef Brisket Stew. Photo: Mylene Chung


1 Tbsp olive oil

500 grams beef brisket slices

1 white onion, sliced

1 can (about 350ml) sarsaparilla or any root beer

Pinch of rosemary

Pinch of thyme

Salt and pepper, to taste

Splash of vinegar

1 cup mushrooms, quartered


* Cook the beef brisket: Heat olive oil. Brown beef on both sides. Set aside. In the same pan, sauté onions in remaining oil. Add the beef back to the pan, followed by sarsaparilla and seasonings. Simmer for 1 hour. Add vinegar and mushrooms, and continue to simmer until beef is tender, about 30 to 50 more minutes.

* Serve with smashed potatoes and fresh arugula, if desired.

* To make gravy for the beef brisket: Purée the sauce from the stew.

Katherine Jao