Braised Caramel Pork

August 21, 2019
* Add mushrooms and one-fourth of the chopped green onions. Mix well and continue to cook for another 10 minutes. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle with remaining green onions.

Foods that cause hormonal imbalance

July 06, 2019
Special creams and soaps may temporarily relieve acne breakouts. What you eat will determine the outcome of your skin. In short, the foods you eat can either disrupt your hormones and cause inflammation, or help balance your hormones and soothe irritation.

Popular street foods around the world Pinoys love to eat

May 25, 2019
* Kebab and shawarma. Grilling a vertical spit of stacked meat slices, and cutting it off as it cooks, first appeared in the 19th century in Ottoman Turkey, where it was known as döner kebap. This food was first presented by Turkish immigrants in Berlin in the 1970s. The rotating kebab with ingredients of sliced lamb, beef, or chicken, is slowly roasted on a vertical rotating spit. Shawarma is one of the world’s most popular street foods, especially in Egypt and the countries of the Levant and the Arabian Peninsula. Today’s shawarma may also be chicken, turkey, beef, or veal.

Half-cooked or raw broccoli

May 12, 2019
Most vegetables are sensitive to heat and knowing the right cooking technique will unleash all their molecules especially the anti-oxidants. A lot of other vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and valuable chemicals that can be unlocked or blocked, depending on preparation and the foods they’re eaten with.

Science reveals what’s behind good chocolate

May 12, 2019
Their analysis, which involved measuring the density of mixtures and how they flow at various stages of the process, suggests conching may alter the physical properties of the microscopic sugar crystals and other granular ingredients of chocolate. Until now, the science behind the process was poorly understood.

How to reuse old spices, herbs

March 02, 2019
DO herbs and spices have expiration date? Sellers say so. What about herbs that already look old, too dry and wilted, would they still be usable? Generally people would say yes. You probably have some herbs and spices in your pantry that you can’t remember buying.

Food combinations good for health

February 16, 2019
* Avocado and soy sauce. A little drop of soy sauce can change a lot of things. It cuts the fattiness of the avocado perfectly. And if you prefer something sweeter, maybe try to put honey on it.

Eating tasty desserts without added sugar

November 20, 2018
Don’t fret, you can still eat dessert if you’re eating clean. Just scale it back and choose treats that are lighter on the sugar or free from added sugar entirely. A modest amount of sweetener is fine; you can still have foods like dark chocolate (what’s life without chocolate?). But when you want a sweet treat that’s totally clean, we have ideas for desserts with zero added sugar.

Cassava Tops Cooked in Coconut Milk

November 02, 2018
In a large skillet, preheat 1 Tbsp of cooking oil. Add in the spice paste, lemon grass, galangal, turmeric powder and bay leaves. Stir fry until fragrant, about 5 minutes or so. Add in the chopped dried shrimp and stir fry for another 3 minutes. Add in the cassava leaves and 1/2 cup of water and bring to a boil and then lower the heat and let it gently simmer for the next 10 minutes