Avoid combining these powerful foods

October 12, 2019
* Carrots and oranges. They are powerful and contain high level anti-oxidants and vitamin C but mixing carrots and oranges can have negative effects on your health. Hence, this mixture is believed to cause heartburn and acid reflux, and may hurt your kidneys too.

Eliminate uric acid, prevent gout attacks

September 19, 2019
GOUT and arthritis are among blood conditions of people with diabetes, who are overweight, taking certain diuretics, and drinking too much alcohol. People who are on high protein diet also have increased levels of uric acid. This is when the kidneys cannot eliminate uric acid efficiently and it starts to crystallized and forming deposits in joints which lead to inflammation.

How to erase facial scars naturally

September 14, 2019
Shea butter deeply moisturizes dry skin and reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes. Vitamin E is one of the best-known ingredients to reduce the appearance of scars. Similarly, lemon juice is also great for scars.

Cons of drinking coffee early in the morning

September 12, 2019
In our stomach, we have hydrochloric acid which is digesting our food. However, drinking coffee on an empty stomach makes the acid production go into overdrive. If you practice drinking coffee on empty stomach, the digestive system would later depend on the acid the coffee produces, thus making the digestion slower.

People with vitamin deficiencies always have migraines

September 02, 2019
According to a new study, children, teens and young adults with migraines were found to have mild deficiencies in vitamin D, riboflavin and coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like substance found in every cell of the body that is used to produce energy for cell growth and maintenance.

Good bedroom essentials get more positive energy

August 28, 2019
* Pillows. How long should you use your pillow(s) before you change them? When pillows no longer comfortable, it would be about time to change them. You would know if your pillows are old. Old pillows harbor old energy and dust mites – both of which will interrupt your sleep.

Extraordinary uses of vaporub

August 14, 2019
If you want to reduce fat, cellulite and stretch marks, all you need to do is to make a cream of the varporub, camphor, baking soda and some alcohol. Apply this powerful cream then wrap the area with plastic wrap while you’re at home or at work, and you will be able to reduce your fat in no time.

What to eat to balance eating unhealthy foods

August 08, 2019
* Chia and flax seeds. Heads up, chia and flax seeds are here for you. They’re pack of omega-3s in just two tablespoons, and they’re loaded with fiber, which helps feed gut bacteria and aids in weight loss. Because of their high fiber content, they’ll help you empty out all the toxins you’ve consumed. Besides, these seeds also provide calcium and protein. They’re like nuts that you can simply add too your yogurt, smoothie, or any baked goods.

Coconut oil in coffee boosts metabolism, helps shed pounds

August 03, 2019
But here’s a secret to further increase safely your metabolism as you enjoy your cup of brewed coffee in the morning. The secret we’re referring to here is making your coffee a powerful fat burner. This is by simply adding a few common ingredients in your kitchen — coconut oil, cinnamon and honey. If you mix these ingredients into your coffee, you’ll easily drop a few extra pounds without having to make any dietary or lifestyle changes.

Lemon for positive energy

July 31, 2019
Lemon is packed with minerals and vitamins important for great health. However besides that, it has unique subs-tance to fend off unfavorable energy. When we say unfavorable or unwanted energy, this may include, of course, negative energy (including bad vibes) any paranormal encounter or anything like that we do not see.

Beauty wonders with castor oil

July 27, 2019
CASTOR oil can do wonders for your skin and hair. Along with the antibacterial and antifungal properties, Castor oil is filled with some great vital nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals, and proteins, necessary for hair and skin health.

Frozen blueberries improves antioxidant availability

July 20, 2019
Antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, eliminate free radicals, which are produced through common biological reactions within the body and outside factors such as the sun, pesticides and other pollutants, Dalaly explained. If left to roam free, these free radicals can attack DNA, proteins and lipids resulting in cellular changes that lead to development of diseases such as cancer.

How to help your child grow responsible

July 16, 2019
Here’s what parents should tell their children: doing chores is a strong predictor of a child’s future success. According to Harvard Medical study, doing household chores helps children feel capable and this is a strong predictor of a child’s future success.