Get the best beet root to lower hypertension

July 11, 2019
Beet root
Beet root

BEET root has been known to lower high blood pressure and helps improved blood flow.

It is a dark red vegetable that contains high concentrations of nitrates. The nitrates in beet root are converted by bacteria in the mouth. As you know, nitrites help open blood vessels in the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen to places lacking in oxygen.

You can find fresh beet roots in Quiapo area and in Aranque market.

Of course you need to know which beets are good for juicing. The beetroot taste is described as sweet, earthy and the plant tender to eat.

* Avoid selecting beets that look dry or have scratches or cracks on them. Look for the smooth beetroots with round shape.

* Smaller beets usually offer a better taste than the larger ones. Avoid beets that are larger than three inches in their diameter.

* Select rounded beetroots because they are sweeter in taste. Choose red beets in most vibrant color.

* Always buy beets with the greens still attached to them. This way you can use the greens in your juice. If the greens are still attached to the beetroots, make sure they have dark and firm leaves with red vines on them.

Beets are usually sold in bundle, mostly in large bundle. And most likely you cannot consume them all. Just store them in the refrigerator in a sealed container. They can last up to three weeks. But you must not wash them before storing as it will reduce the maximum storing period. However, the green parts of your beets do not last long. If you wish to use them, store them separately in a plastic bag. They last for two to three days only.

Beetroot is very powerful detoxifying vegetable. It is better to combine it with other vegetables to soften the detox effect.

Any all-purpose juicer can handle beetroots and its greens. As for other The ideal partner of beet root in juicing is celery. Mixing it with beet juice makes a powerful fresh drink for you to fight high blood pressure.

You need one beetroot; one apple; four celery stalks and one ginger (one inch thick).