Get enough nutrition while on quarantine

May 16, 2020

THE whole world is still fighting the deadly coronavirus. And while still cooped up at home and waiting for the vaccine to end the pandemic, we should also put up our own (personal) fight against COVID-19 through proper health care and nutrition.

With the gradual opening of commercial establishments, the risk of exposure to the virus is still high as people start hitting the road. 

To keep your health in check, always ensure proper nutrition by eating balanced food and avoid binge eating.

* Try to eat different types of food every day. There’s enough supply of food now that work in areas under general community quarantine resumes today (though there are obvious price adjustments effected). Make sure you eat healthy mix of vegetables, protein, grains and fruits every day.

* Increase intake of fruits and vegetables. Eat as much vegetables and fruits as they are the major source of vitamins and minerals. Multivitamin and mineral supplements are also helpful. Just stick to your trusted brand. 

* Limit canned foods. Although most of the relief goods provided by the government are in cans, it does not mean you have to rely on canned foods. It is still better and “feel healthy” to eat fresh foods. Just be sure to wash all raw foods you buy at the public market (don’t forget to disinfect the packages as you get home) and cook them thoroughly before eating them.

Use fresh ingredients and those that have a shorter shelf life first. If fresh products, especially fruits, vegetables and reduced-fat dairy products continue to be available, prioritize these over non-perishables. To avoid food waste, you may consider freezing any leftovers for another meal.

* Be aware of portion sizes. It can be difficult to get portion sizes right, especially when cooking from scratch. Being at home for extended periods, especially without company or with limited activities can also lead to overeating.

* Help your body recover faster. The lockdown is really stressful and had caused so much anxiety to many. The situation could weaken your immune system as you worry about what else the coronavirus could bring to people in the next 100 days or so.

Help your body recover faster by eating foods rich in protein. Lean meat is perfect. Do not eat the fats. Then complement your food intake by drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. Avoid sugary drinks and soda.

* Watch what you eat. Limit your intake of foods loaded with too much sugar and salt. 

Following these tips would help you hurdle the lockdown until everything is in “new normal”. Do not forget to engage in proper exercise and physical activity. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming less than 5g of salt per day. In order to achieve this, prioritize foods with reduced or no added salt.