Good bedroom essentials get more positive energy

August 28, 2019

IN Feng Shui, among the most important parts of the house are the kitchen and the bedroom. It is in these areas where chi or positive energy frequently flows.

It is also believed that to let good chi in would depend on the things or items you put in these rooms. Since bedroom is the most favorable part of the house to dwell, here’s what you need to know of the essentials to let positive energy flow smoothly.

* Pillows. How long should you use your pillow(s) before you change them? When pillows no longer comfortable, it would be about time to change them. You would know if your pillows are old. Old pillows harbor old energy and dust mites – both of which will interrupt your sleep.

While we sleep we release stress and other energies, so if your pillow had been in your bed for years already, throw it away.

* Bedding essentials. A stylish and sleek bedroom is never without great linens. Purchase the best you can afford and always keep them simple because that promotes a better nights sleep. A textured coverlet, white sheets, and a fluffy duvet are the essentials.

Avoid mismatched sets, or using old sheets with holes in them. Remember, tattered old bed linens will subconsciously make you feel the same, and that’s not restful.

* Clocks. We need clocks in our bedroom. Clocks are another way to move energy in a space and while most of us hate the sound of an alarm, clocks create routine and movement. A clock adds personality and whimsy to your bedroom. But choose one that speaks to you. A battery powered clock is also better for our health, and they are easy to find for a discount.

* Lamps. Choose lamps that are tall and sleek. Never choose a lamp below 283†unless you hate to actually see in your bedroom. Lamps in fun pops of color, large drum shades and dimmers are an excellent choice for a bedroom and you can easily find a pair for a quick update that doesn’t break the bank. Never use CFL bulbs in your bedroom because they are bad for your health.

Lamps are also a great way to mix finishes. If your nightstand has brushed nickel knobs don’t shy away from a brass lamp, mix it up and have fun with it for a more eclectic look. Lamps are often near corners in our bedroom shining light up – this stirs up the chi energy and creates a lovely atmosphere of relaxation and peace. But keep those lamps and cords at least 303†from where your head rests at night to prevent electromagnetic fields from disrupting your sleep.

* Nightstands. Do you need nightstands on both sides of the bed? Never make this mistake. Whether your style is easy traditional, or uber modern, always mix it up. Find nightstands that compliment your decor but also add style. Make sure they are similar if not exactly the same size, and never, ever, have only one nightstand, especially if you are single.

* Chair. Having a comfy spot to read a good book, thumb through a magazine or even tie your shoes is always a great improvement in a bedroom. Having a chair adds cozy look of your bedroom. It promotes relaxation, comfort and mindfulness. This can also be a great place to grab a quick five to 10 minutes to yourself to collect your thoughts, organize goals and get clear on your intentions for the day or week.