How to cope with post-lockdown life

May 30, 2020
Social Distance

NOW that Metro Manila will be under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) beginning June 1, workforce and business establishments will now be operating under “new normal”.

Despite easing of quarantine, many are still hesitant to go out for fear that cross-infections of coronavirus among asymptomatic and healthy individuals may happen.

But life must go on despite fears that the “enemy” is still out there, observing safety protocols would certainly prevent infections.

It’s true, the increasing number of deaths from COVID-19 is really scary, here are some thoughts that may help ease your post-lockdown fears:

• Go on with your modified routine. Because we need to make some changes under “new normal”, try to get back on some of your routine. Start getting used to the sounds of the outside world again. As starter, do some exercise – jogging or walking around your neighborhood before you go to the office. Your body will appreciate the exercise if you’ve not been keeping active and will burn up any excess adrenaline that your anxious body might be producing.

• Always observe social distancing. This is one of the things people should follow starting tomorrow – social distancing. Keep your distance from people. But don’t forget to remind people who always ignore the safety protocols and especially when they try to seat or stand near you. Just remind the person politely about social distancing. This will help reduce your anxiety.

• Go slow and gradual. Take time to get used to everything going on. It’s okay to allow yourself to slowly move back into your pre lockdown routine. If you can work from home, and don’t feel confident returning to work when it reopens, speak with your manager and let them know how you are feeling. Put in place a plan to continue to work through your anxiety.

June 1 is just the first day of GCQ, you don’t have to do everything in one big leap and tackle everything in one go – instead, spread things out and execute a phased return to “new normal”.

Remember, our life under “new normal” is not a race. We are starting a marathon to new life while trying to avoid and prevent the spread of coronavirus. It’s all in our hands.