How to limit your sugar intake

April 23, 2020
Cookie and Cupcakes

DURING this summer lockdown and while being cooped up at home, many of us would start to crave for sweets, grilled or fried foods.

Health experts have been telling people to slow down on sugary foods during this coronavirus pandemic to keep your immune system at optimum level and avoid infection.

As we age, our health problems also grow -- blood pressure, (bad) cholesterol, sugar and uric acid because of cravings for comfort foods.

Did you know that a limit is set to 25 grams of sugar a day to keep you from crossing the borderline? This number seems to be impossible because all the processed foods we eat contain sugar.

These 25 grams is equivalent to about six teaspoons, that’s about a can of regular soda, which contains about 40 grams of sugar. During summer, how many softdrinks do you consume in a day, aside from shakes and milk teas you can order online?

An average, a person can consume about three pounds of sugar each week. Right now, it's hard to know what naturally occurring sugar is and what has been added by the manufacturer.

To find the amount of calories from sugar in a product, multiply the grams by four. For example, a product containing 15 grams of sugar has 60 calories from sugar per serving.

If you want to drink soda, consume only 1/2 can of soda per day and give the other half to your brother or sister. Or try these meals to keep your sugar intake at optimum level.

* Breakfast. 1/2 medium banana (7 grams of sugar), 1 cup of coffee (0 g); 1-ounce low-fat milk (2 g of sugar); 1 teaspoon of sugar (4 g); 1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal (1 g). Total: 14 grams

* Lunch. Two slices of chicken (1 g); 2 slices cheddar cheese (4 g); 3 lettuce leaves (0 g); 1 tablespoon light mayo (0 g); 2 slices whole wheat bread (2 g). Total: 8 grams

* Dinner. Small baked potato (1 g); grilled chicken breast (0 g); 1/2 cup canned green beans (2 g). Total: 3 grams. In all, you get 25 grams.

This is achievable if you limit your soda intake and other scary foods from fastfood restos.