Knowing Your medical history as Health Guide

June 24, 2020
Medical check-up

LIFESTYLE modifications and healthy living are key factors to good health.

But knowing your family medical history is another factor which can guide you minimize health risks.

They say it’s all about genetics that can be pass on through generations -- diabetes or weight gain, thyroid abnormalities, sometimes cancer risk. From conditions and surgeries to allergies, you can minimize or eliminate risks in your life.

Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health abnormalities can occur in all races, health experts believe that there are several racial groups are at increased risk of certain diseases. For example, diabetes are prevalent among Americans, Africans of sickle cell disease, while Europeans and Southern Asians are more susceptible to thalassemia.

Ask your relatives if they’ve had any hospitalizations or surgeries, or if they have any chronic conditions that they see a doctor for regularly. It is also important to know at what age your relative were affected by certain disease.

If there are patterns of cancer, like pancreatic, colon, melanoma, breast, ovarian, or certain types of thyroid cancers in your family, genetic testing can be performed with a saliva or blood sample.

For patterns of stroke, heart attack, or blood clotting disorders in the family, regular blood tests may help to control the problem.

Ask your doctor if diabetes is present in your family to decrease the future risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease.