Message Embedded behind the Beauty of Flowers from Cebu Flora

January 09, 2020
Flowers - Message

As every flower enthusiast knows, there is a deep meaning behind the beauty of every flower that exists. Each flower has a meaning or a language of their own. Flowers express feelings which could not be spoken aloud.

Flowers are well-known for their power to convey heartfelt human emotions and thoughts the way no other objects can. They can convey love, condolences, congratulations, and celebration. But every flower has their own differences. With thousands of types of flowers that exist, each of them has their own unique meaning that encapsulates behind the beauty it holds. Some of the flowers that have wonderful meanings are the following:

The acacia flower represents renewal, fortitude, and pureness. Acacia flower symbolizes adoration, freedom, love and affection. It represents good friends, a sophistication of pure love and inner beauty that will last forever.

Alstroemeria flower has the ability to attract new people into your life who are going to become your close friends. It also symbolize support and devotion: friendship and mutual connection between two people. This flower can be a great gift for both your friends and for your partner. This gorgeous flower is a symbol of eternal connection between two people that doesn’t have to be limited by romance.

The beautiful Amaryllis flower was a symbol of a strong and confident woman. It also symbolizes unrequited love. Amaryllis flowers are usually given to people to whom you want to express great respect and adoration. Its star shaped symbolizes of pride, deep love and attraction which can be a perfect gift for valentine’s day or anniversary.

The azalea flower symbolizes femininity and also gentleness of a woman. If you give this flower to a woman, it will mean that you want that this woman remains always beautiful. There are also flower interpretations which say that the azalea could be a symbol of the first love, passion, and also a symbol of our fragility.

Begonia flower might not have the most positive meaning in the world. Flowers that warn us about potential dangers. Begonia symbolizes harmonious communication. Giving this beautiful flower to someone make your communication with this person much milder and you won’t be so stressed about the entire situation. Begonia flowers are also symbols of individuality and standing out. They stand out both because of their beauty and their unique appearance.

Delicate, gentle, sophisticated and graceful camellia certainly deserved to be on the list of the most favorite flowers that we traditionally give not only to those we love, but also to people we secretly admire, and who may not even be aware that they are the object of our admiration. That is why, in addition to the obvious association of perfection and decency, camellia has always been a symbol of longing.

Every color of a certain flower carries a deeper message and symbolism. Some flowers have only one or two colors, while the colorful carnation comes in several different colors. The pink Carnation is a symbol of love, romance and femininity. This is a perfect gift for someone who expresses these traits and someone who is really special to you. Yellow Carnation flower is a symbol of rejection and it was often given to those who weren’t exactly attractive to us, or to someone who is out of your area of romantic interest. Striped Carnation flower is a symbol of regret and rejection as well. This flower was a clear sign that you are not interested in someone and that you actually feel regret even talking to this person. Purple Carnation flower is a symbol of capricious nature and a personality that is very selfish. Be careful not to give this flower to someone who doesn’t deserve these epithets. Red Carnations symbolize love, passion and admiration. This is a perfect gift for someone you love and for someone to whom you feel attracted to. White Carnation flowers are symbols of Mother’s love and affection and are often gifted for Mother’s Day.

Gerbera flowers are symbols of happiness and joy. These flowers remind us to be happy and look forward to life no matter how bad we are currently feeling.

Red Roses
One of the most universal of all symbols, the red rose represents true love and romance. It has also appeared throughout history and across cultures as both a political and religious symbol.

The symbolic meaning of stargazer has a lot to do with purity and positive perspectives. By their mere appearance, they are a perky, happy looking, easy to understand type of flower. Stargazer is a symbol of love, sensuality, and fertility.

Sunflower has been considered a symbol of joyful life, loyalty and longevity. This flower radiates passion and positive    energy, and turns its flowers and petals to the sun every day.

The Tulip flower is a well-known symbol of passionate love and affection. This is the perfect flower to give to your partner to show how serious your emotions are.

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