Secrets on living longer

December 21, 2019

THEY say what you eat especially when you reach mid-life could tell how longer you will live.

It is true. People who eat mostly vegetables (and less  meat), fruits like banana are less likely to get sick.

Is there anything else you can do to boost your longevity?

In a latest study, researchers found that the healthiest people were those who lived meaningful, committed lives: They worked hard, achieved much for their families, nurtured close relationships and were very persistent, responsible and conscientious.

Eating yogurt, taking vitamins and attending spas may help but not applicable to everybody.

Based on the research, any of these changes you may try can put you on a path to longer, healthier life:

* Get out of your chair. A huge amount of scientific evidence suggests staying physically active is one of keys to long life, but going to the gym or running in a marathon is not the secret.

Though exercise can contribute to good health, staying or becoming more active is the best. People who regularly do things that get them up and out of their chairs are the ones who thrive.

* Enjoy a challenge (at work and beyond). To achieve good health and live a long life, many people think they should take it easy, avoid working too hard and take lots of vacations, but the researchers discovered the opposite was true.

It is a common misconception that every day stress is bad and that worrying is unhealthy. Chronic physiological disturbance is not the same thing as hard work, social challenges or demanding careers.

Take a hard look at your situation: Having challenging work in a supportive environment and with access to the appropriate tools can be very healthy. But if you are trapped in a hostile work environment with limited ability to do your job well, it may be time to look elsewhere, the researchers said.

* Stay connected. When it came to staying young, what mattered was staying active not only physically, but also in the social aspects of life: Being in contact with supportive family members or partners, doing things with friends and helping others, whether at work or in volunteer activities.

* Be friends with healthy people. One of the best ways to get on a healthy pathway is to be around other healthy, active, involved people, the researchers said. Join social groups and take part in outings that will lead you to other healthy activities.