Things To Know About Cannabis and Sleep

November 15, 2019

A night of good sleep is vital to have a healthy body. It is an essential human need that can affect our body processes and proper body functioning. People who have excellent and regulated sleep are also proven to have a strong immune system and better metabolic processes. However, despite being a necessity, it is often disregarded by many. With today’s social demands and lifestyle, people are getting lesser healthy periods of sleep that can affect one’s well-being and lifetime.

Without proper sleep, health issues and problems will arise. Studies show that sleep deficiency can result in both physical and mental issues- that can even lead to death. Similarly, there is also a growing number of people who suffer from various types of sleep disorders.

There are numerous sleep disorders, which may include insomnia, sleep apnea, PTSD, and even restless legs syndrome (RLS). Such illnesses differ in causes and symptoms for someone who is having a sleep issue. If you are having difficulties to sleep, it is essential to determine which disorder you experience. Most importantly, it must be addressed and solved immediately to avoid further negative consequences. One way to address this is to use the Cannabis plant that promotes better sleep. Check out this site to learn more about the use of the plant.

Cannabis as Your Sleeping Aid

History has proven the importance and effectiveness of cannabis to solve the sleep problem for thousands of years. Today, laboratory testing and researches revealed and explained how the plant could help in one’s sleep. These studies show that the cannabis plant could affect a person’s sleep cycle and breathing. With such capacity, better and healthier sleep is attained and achieved.

The plant is also proven to speed up a person’s deep sleep phase while prolonging the duration of the sleep. Such a sleep phase is essential to help the brain recover and prepare for the tasks you do daily. Thus, marijuana could be your new aid to solve your sleeping issues.

How Exactly Can Cannabis Give You A Good Sleep?

The cannabis plant is an effective and natural medicine to promote sleep due to its chemical components. These compounds are widely known as cannabinoids that could naturally be synthesized by our bodies.

According to most studies made, there are at least 100 cannabinoids found within the plant. These natural chemicals are found to treat different body issues such as depression, acne, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, and of course, sleep illnesses. Here are some of the natural chemicals that can help you attain better sleep.


THC is known for having the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. With this, it becomes the main component to make someone feel high. According to studies, THC can help relieve pain and nausea to promote better sleep. It has a sedative effect that makes its users feel sleepy with ease.

However, despite its capacity to aid you in sleeping, it alters the normal sleeping stage and pattern. Its usage is often associated with a reduced REM that also limits your dreams. Thus, an altered and changed sleeping cycle is one of the disadvantages of using this compound.


CBD is currently one of the hottest and most accessible cannabinoids available in the market. Aside from its popularity, it can also be used as an effective and natural alternative to treat numerous health conditions. The treatment becomes possible once the CBD attach and interact with the user’s body cells and receptors. At the same time, CBD also can reduce pain and anxiety. With this, it helps promote a healthy mind and improve one’s sleep.

CBD offers more than its capacity to treat a sleeping disorder. Unlike THC, it doesn’t make a person feel high. For this reason, it is commonly used by many as medicinal purposes alone and not for recreational activities. Also, there are numerous ways to consume the CBD. Its form varies from oils, vape concentrates, pills, edibles, and even creams. Thus, it is the best cannabinoid option to go for if you encounter some troubles when sleeping.


Also known as CBN, this chemical compound can be used to treat pain and inflammation. It can also help promote and stimulate one’s appetite. However, similar to THC, it has powerful sedative components that can significantly affect one’s sleeping cycle.


Another compound that can be found in the cannabis Sativa plant is Myrcene. It is found mostly in fruits such as mangoes, but is also an element that composes the mentioned plant Myrcene is a natural organic hydrocarbon that functions as an anti-inflammatory to the body. Moreover, it can produce a sedative effect on people.


The significance of one’s healthy and regulated sleep can’t be neglected and denied. As much we pursue with our daily work and tasks, sleep should also be part of the routine. In finding the best solution to any sleep issue, the cannabis plant has proven its role in solving this problem. Among all its compounds, the CBD has proven its effectiveness and positive impact on health.