What body pains are telling you

July 03, 2019
Knee pain

DID you know that most of your pains are not just caused by physical trauma, but also by stress?

Recent studies showed that stress and anxiety can cause headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, and cramps.

Our shoulders are the most common stress indicator. But there are also some body pains that tell us we’re stressed.

* Shoulders. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, it means that someone is putting pressure on you or you may be indecisive by nature aside from carrying a heavy bag. That is why it is important to share your problems and dilemmas with your loved ones in order to relieve stress.

* Neck. Did you know that if you’re experiencing pain in the neck, you are full of anger? It is very difficult for you to let go and forgive, but reorientation can make a difference. Remember that not everyone wants to harm you, even if it is including your “frenemy”. Think about what you love, about your unique abilities and what you want to achieve in your life.

* Arms. If you experience pain in your hands, this may be due to your introversion. You may not have enough communication that makes you uncomfortable. It’s time to get out of your shell. Friends can be made in the most strange situations. Loneliness can damage your health, so it is important to be part of the crowd.

* Upper back. Pain in the upper back can be a sign of fear. You feel undervalued, thinking that you are not getting support from your family and friends. Try to be more open and communicate with people around you. Be friendly and do not hold back the words of love.

* Lower back. Sometimes back pain can be caused by the fear of losing and obsession with money. Remember that money does not bring happiness and can damage your health. Just do what you love, so that you have joy and make a profit.

* Hips. If you experience pain in the hips, this may be due to the fact that you are accustomed to comfort in a predictable lifestyle. When new situations arise, you become afraid. Remember that life is like a river, it is constantly flowing and changing, and this is what makes it interesting. Think of your life as an adventure and try not to be afraid of making important decisions.

* Knees. A knee pain can be a signal for a bloated ego. To look around; The world does not turn around you. Pay attention to the struggle of your family members, close friends and colleagues. No one loses by giving to others. You will feel more satisfied if you start giving more.

* Legs. If you have pain in your legs, this can be a sign that you are afraid of failure. To deal with pain, start paying attention to the details of life and beauty in the little things. Start trying something new in your life and smile more. You will feel more satisfying for sure.

Of course, you also need to consult your doctor if pain persists or recurring always. It may have something to do about your blood profile (increasing levels of uric acid, cholesterol or blood pressure). Or you need to exercise to loosen up tight muscles.