Disinfect your doormat

March 20, 2020
As health experts had said earlier, microbes and toxins get into our homes (every day) with our shoes. This is true when you accidentally steps on a saliva from a sick person. Several studies have found that over 90 percent of shoe soles contain high levels of disease-carrying pathogens.

Reasons why your immune system weakens

March 20, 2020
Several studies conducted in humans and mice have shown that many chemical additives in processed foods -- from stabilizers to emulsifiers to thickeners to sweeteners like saccharine, sucralose and stevia-- disrupt the gut microbiome.

DIY hand sanitizer

March 19, 2020
WHILE washing your hands with soap is certainly the best way to rid of germs, alcohol and sanitizers would help disinfect and kill viruses lingering on hard surfaces and door knobs. 

White spots in meat, sign of TB

March 19, 2020
A MESSAGE from WhatsApp had been circulating around social media especially onFacebook and Twitterwarning people that white spots or bubble-like spots on animal meat could be infected with tuberculosis and dangerous to eat.

Community factors influence how long you'll live

March 18, 2020
Researchers from Penn State, West Virginia, and Michigan State universities developed a statistical model to determine the relationship between a dozen community variables and each county's 2014 life expectancy, while controlling for personal variables that are known to be important, such as sex, race, education, single-parent status, obesity, and alcohol use.

Effective way to use sanitizers

March 13, 2020
WOULD you just spray sanitizers and alcohol to kill germs? People had been panic buying since Tuesday even before President Duterte placed Metro Manila in community quarantine – alcohol and hand sanitizers (disinfectant) topping the list of purchases.

Ethyl or isopropyl alcohol?

February 21, 2020
THE World Health Organization (WHO) had said that disinfecting surfaces like tables and door knobs and disinfecting hands with the use of alcohol is a must to avoid the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Color coding Valentine’s date

February 14, 2020
Sweet something and nothings were uttered and whispered by lovers and couples as they celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday wearing red, pink or white. Others also took advantage of this special date to propose.

Vaccine scare: Threat to global health

February 14, 2020
THE Dengvaxia incident last 2017 which killed eight children had caused serious trauma to families of victims, scared other people and resulted in lost of confidence in vaccines. With the reemergence of some deadly diseases in the country like polio, tuberculosis and measles, the public is facing an infectious disease crisis with the recent outbreak of corona virus or COVID-19.

Fermented soy products linked to lower death risk

February 05, 2020
So a team of researchers in Japan set out to investigate the association between several types of soy products and death from any cause (“all cause mortality”) and from cancer, total cardiovascular disease (heart disease and cerebrovascular disease), respiratory disease, and injury.

Secrets on living longer

December 21, 2019
In a latest study, researchers found that the healthiest people were those who lived meaningful, committed lives: They worked hard, achieved much for their families, nurtured close relationships and were very persistent, responsible and conscientious.