Be wary of poor quality lotions

May 03, 2019
* Colorings and perfumes. Whether you want to moisturize dry skin, sensitive skin, or something in between, most experts suggest avoiding unnecessary and potentially irritating ingredients, like added colors and perfumes. Antibacterial agents can also be unnecessarily harsh, stripping skin of essential oils.

How cats help guide you to healthier habits

April 27, 2019
* Purring helps you heal faster. Studies reveal cats don’t just purr when they are happy; felines do this when they are in pain too. The question of why has been a big issue among researchers. Some findings indicate that a cat’s purr may have healing abilities—and this applies to humans, too. If you have an injury and need to mend your bones, petting a cat and the sound of its purring might help you heal faster. If you pay enough attention to your feline friends, you might have noticed that after having a tough day, cats tend to purr a lot. This was also seen as a cat’s way to heal itself.

Why bad diet is as fatal as smoking

April 09, 2019
According to researchers, bad diet consists of low consumption of whole grains, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, Omega-3, fiber, legumes (beans, such as chickpeas, kidney beans, pintos, etc.), calcium, milk, polyunsaturated fats, and high consumption of sodium, processed meat, trans fat (French fries and fried foods), sweetened beverages, and red meat.

Keep your skin safe under the sun

March 27, 2019
* Sunburn. In case you get sunburn and swelling, an aspirin or ibuprofen will help you reduce pain and swelling. Next, do a milk compress by soaking a washcloth in a bowl of ice-cold whole milk. Do not use skim milk. Then drape it over the burn until the cloth loses the cold temperature. Sooner you will feel relief.

Zinc helps zap bladder infection bacteria

March 20, 2019
They said zinc not only fights E. coli, it also fights Mycobacterium tuberculosis (the bacteria that causes tuberculosis), Salmonella (the bacteria that causes food poisoning) and Streptococcus (the bacteria that causes strep throat). That means, making sure your body has enough zinc is critical to fighting off more than just UTIs.

New Crocs Reviva(TM) Collection Delivers Revitalizing Bounce and All-Day Comfort

February 14, 2019
NIWOT, Colo. -- Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX), a global leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men and children, today announced the debut of Crocs Reviva™, a new comfort technology and collection for the Spring/Summer 2019 season. Featuring footbeds with built-in air bubbles, Crocs Reviva™ technology provides a revitalizing bounce, a soothing massage effect and all-day comfort.

Babies in bilingual home show early development of attention

February 06, 2019
A study conducted at York University showed the advantages of growing up in a bilingual home and infants who are exposed to more than one language show better attentional control than infants who are exposed to only one language. This means that exposure to bilingual environments should be considered a significant factor in the early development of attention in infancy and could set the stage for lifelong cognitive benefits.

Enhance your luck with auspicious food

February 02, 2019
* Fish. For Chinese, fish means to have a surplus at the end of the year. Because they think if they have managed to save something at the end of the year, then they can make more in the next year. Fish can be cooked in various ways such as boiling, steaming, and braising.