When your physical exercise turns bad

February 01, 2019
* Soreness that won’t go away. You may heard this from gym instructors: “No pain, no gain”. That’s right. Pain indicates that your body is responding and burning some fats. That mild burn would resolves soon after exercising. But that mild burn may result to bad pain when you exercise too much. This soreness typically lingers and can be intense.

Simple ways to add more years to your life

January 26, 2019
ONCE you reach mid-life, you would notice several changes in your body and your metabolism. Restrictions on certain foods (limit on sugar and salt), including serving size must be followed. Slight violations may cause your numbers to shoot up and might aggravate your condition, if you have any.

‘Bulalo’ soup helps fight inflammation

January 20, 2019
They found that simmering animal bones in water releases collagen and other proteins into the broth that may have health benefits, although more research is needed to validate these claims. The benefits may be especially true on dry-cured ham bones that contain peptides which could have cardioprotective effects.

Sound Celebration @ Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

January 17, 2019
HONG KONG -- Taking a trendsetting lead on the global buzz of wellness and mindfulness, Harbour City celebrates the new beginning of 2019 with a transcendent Sound Celebration experience featuring Asia's biggest meditation gong collection and a panoramic view Hong Kong's iconic skyline at Ocean Terminal Deck.

Fight cold season blues

January 15, 2019
As we become less physically active these days, we crave for more food. To thwart possible weight gain that can lead to serious illness, here are some ideas you can do:

Powerful anti-oxidant snack

January 15, 2019
* Improve your skin health. Sunflower seeds contain high amount of the antioxidant vitamin E, they support skin health, keeping things smooth and soft— especially as we age—and protect against free-radical damage. Sunflower seeds also are a good source of healthy fats, which help our skin stay glowy and hydrated.

Discover the hidden features of your phone

January 12, 2019
Most mid-range phones in the market are running under Android 7 or 8 versions (Nougat and Oreo). These smartphones already have plenty of functions most users have not fully discovered (what more if it is a Pie version Android 9).

Your lucky forecast in the Year of the Pig

January 02, 2019
But since the ruling element of the Earth Pig is Water, then that would mean fragile events may come to any people without Fire and Water element in their birth sign. The Earth element of the Pig has strong Water element below it and that means the strong current could easily wash away any good opportunities that may come and without the Fire element that would solidify the Earth, everything is unstable. That means they need support of people with Fire element in their birth sign.

Year of Brown Pig: Best Time to Invest, Make Money

January 02, 2019
Pig is the 12th animal or the last of 12 animals who crossed the river and arrived at the Emperor’s Palace. Though this sign has destructive and offensive traits, in overall, the year of the Pig would attract success in all the aspects of life especially to animal signs with Water element.

Coffee to keep New Year fitness resolutions

December 29, 2018
Together with lack of time, physical exertion is one of the main perceived barriers to exercise, which is natural as humans evolved to effectively conserve energy. This inherent ‘laziness’ means that sustaining exercise in the long term is very difficult even when people are still motivated to improve their health and fitness as when they started.

Bowling after Christmas celebrations

December 26, 2018
Since bowling balls are heavy with varying weight ranges, to avoid back and wrist injury they should be picked up with both hands. It’s recommended to bend one’s knees while picking up bowling balls to avoid back injuries. The bowling ball return mechanism has a driven wheel, and bowlers should keep their hands clear of it.