Essential oils as alternative for flu shots

December 15, 2018
If you visit your doctor, he would certainly ask if you’ve had your flu vaccine. Getting a vaccine shot may hurt your budget (especially if you have doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccine). If you do not want to get shot, there are many ways to naturally boost your immune system that can be used to help you avoid the flu and get you feeling better more quickly.

Antibiotics can stop your body from healing

November 24, 2018
So the danger of antibiotics is two-pronged: We’re not only reaching a crisis stage where our overuse of antibiotics is leading to the spread of drug-resistant infections – so-called “superbugs” – but in many cases the drugs themselves inflict dreadful damage. Today’s focus is on how they can cripple the body’s attempts to heal itself.

Give children the right to enjoy safe toys -- EcoWaste

November 23, 2018
“The market is flooded with cheap and unregistered toys whose quality, safety and suitability cannot be guaranteed. Under this situation, consumers, particularly parents, will have a huge responsibility to play in terms of picking the right toy for children that will not pose harm to their young bodies and minds,” said Thony Dizon, the group’s Chemical Safety Campaigner.

DA taps US firm to develop coconut hollow blocks, roofs

November 13, 2018
Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said the processing of these products will soon be realized after an American engineering company has offered to establish in the Philippines a manufacturing facility which would produce in commercial quantities housing materials like hollow blocks and roofs using the said products as binders.

New Report Shows Use of Modern Contraception on the Rise in the Philippines

November 13, 2018
KIGALI, RWANDA - A groundbreaking international report on family planning shows the use of modern contraception on the rise in the Philippines, as family planning is increasingly viewed as critical to the country's economic prospects. The report also shows modern contraception has prevented over 2.5 million unintended pregnancies and over 600,000 unsafe abortions between July 2017 and July 2018.

Early Christmas décor brings happiness

November 07, 2018
WE now feel the cool breeze of the air, the atmosphere is cold which indicates that we’re in Christmas season — Christmas songs (most of Jose Mari Chan’s) being played in malls and parks, with sparkling lights hanging in the trees.

Feel the joy of Christmas without spending much

November 06, 2018
CHRISTMAS is just around the corner and you’re probably making plans now for the occasion. Christmas celebration would also mean spending a lot on gifts and decorations, buying stuff for children, friends and relatives, and good food on the table.

Why skin breakouts happen

October 20, 2018
WE have read plenty of skin problem solutions on the internet and even believe recommendations and suggestions of friends and relatives. Some may be effective while others may only worsen the condition.

How dogs interpret human words

October 16, 2018
WHEN some dogs hear their owners say “cat,” they perk up and become agitated. They may even run to a window and look out of it. But what does the word mean to the dog? Does it mean, “Pay attention, something is happening?” Or does the dog actually picture a cat in its mind?

Have green, eco-friendly Christmas

October 10, 2018
IT’s true, Christmas is just around the corner and employees are looking forward to receive their 13th and 14th month plus cash bonuses (for government workers) and performance bonus (to workers in private firms). And that would mean a long list of gifts to buy for friends, loved ones and godchildren.