Everything you need to know about the kurti

December 20, 2019

The kurti is a popular choice of dress for many people around the world. It is stylish versatile and very comfortable. When paired with the right accessories and additional bits of clothing, the kurti can be the go to item in your wardrobe. Did you know that the kurti, termed kurta, was originally made for men? There is a lot about the knee-length top that many people commonly overlook. Here's an interactive guide on everything you need to know about the kurti!

How vintage is the kurti?
The popular choice of dress for many people around the world has its roots in the early 19th century. It has not always been global attire, but has long since been popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It was developed for men, but the feminine kurti evolved from the masculine kurta and has held its own high appeal since.

The kurti was not always as elaborate as it can be today. In the past, it was generally simple and free of any designs. It was a popular mode of dress for scholars, poets and artists. Kurtis were made with cotton, but unique material options such as silk were popular for custom fits. So, how did the kurti go global? The attractive and simple design of this attire made it very appealing to travelers, and was picked up by visiting outsiders. The hippie movement of the 60s also played a big part in spreading awareness for this attractive and stylish clothing. Unlike other attire in Indian fashion, the kurti was not limited to region in its popularity or as special attire for certain groups of people.

What other interesting facts did you miss?
The kurti was initially designed for men as the kurta. In Persian, kurta may refer to a ‘collarless shirt’.  The popular wear was traditionally designed without a collar, although most modern options will feature one. Kurtis will usually feature wooden buttons, although plastic options are available too. Most traditional designs will incorporate the special vintage buttons in their designs. The kurti is a popular statement wear, with the popular attire being worn by politicians, controversial artists and other standout figures throughout history. Lastly, most summer Kurtis will feature Chikan embroidery. There are a large range of regional options available, however, and you should be able to find an ideal design for summer even if you are looking for something else.

What kurti styles are available?
The kurti is a versatile item of wear that can suit every wearer’s custom style. It goes well with a large number of other items of clothing, and delivers a unique appeal. The high comfort factor makes it a very good choice for different occasions, with its versatility working to its advantage as well. Kurtis can be fitted for different looks, ranging from the traditional appeal to the indo-western finish.  The attractive kurti can be embellished with a variety of designs, fabrics and minor tweaks that could enhance any attire. The range of options available allows you to find a unique kurti to your needs, whether it is heavily embroidered or it is a simple finish with a variety of colors and prints.

The range of creativity options available allows for unique kurti designs. This is why the modern kurti has so many faces, and has enough options for global appeal. The dress has even evolved from being worn strictly over specialized Indian trousers to a full range of options. From jeans to leggings, to palazzo pants and a jacket, the kurti allows for a desired look.

These are some of our best kurti styling options.

Tail cut kurti
The tail cut kurti is a great choice for younger and middle aged women. It works well for tall, hourglass, pear and triangle body shapes. It also works well for petite women. The tail cut kurti features a flowing asymmetrical tail, with the flamboyant design being very ideal for parties. While it is not very formal, this option can be a great choice of attire for relaxed wear. Leggings, joggings and any other full length pants will be great with this kurti. Remember to keep your pants light and comfortable.

High low kurti
Our second styling option is also asymmetric, with the high low kurti lacking any definition. The straight hemline increases the uniqueness of this versatile option that is ideal for all body types. When paired with leggings, the high low kurti can be a great choice of wear for informal occasions. It also works well with treggings, joggings and other light pants, like the tail cut, the high low kurti is a great choice for younger and middle aged women.

Flared kurti
The flared kurti is an asymmetrical option with a bell bottom. They are elegant and chic, swinging both ways for feminine appeal. These Kurtis will work well for both formal and informal gatherings, which makes them the ideal versatile option for different day to day needs. The semi-open hemline allows for a custom touch, allowing you to spruce up your outfit every time. Flared Kurtis are a great choice for younger women, but they are versatile enough to work for middle aged women too. They are not the best style for round body types, you can check out flared kurtis online at StyleCaret.

Front slit kurti
The front slit kurti is an edgy style that offers a shift from the reserved design of the kurti. This option features a lengthy front slit that offers a unique twist to your kurti. It is not very formal, but it is great for a variety of informal needs. You can even feature front slit Kurtis in your office wear with the right palazzo pants. The front slit kurti is great for most body types, and works well for an indo-western finish with jeans

Final word
The kurti is a unique and comfortable choice of dress. The knee length top is stylish, elegant and versatile. It is no surprise to us that this unique attire is largely responsible for spreading Indian fashion globally. While it was initially designed for men, the popular kurti has found value among female wearers, with a range of innovative custom options developed for different personalities. From the asymmetrical to a line Kurti, there is an ideal fit for every woman. The kurti is a popular choice of dress for many, and it can be yours too!