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Liza shrugs off DDS comments

Liza Soberano

LIZA Soberano leads the celebs who complained about Du30’s absolute pardon given to Pemberton, the American soldier who was convicted of homicide for killing transwoman Jennifer Laude in 2014. Liza first replied to Sec. Teddyboy Locsin’s statement that Pemberton was pardoned and wrote in her social media account: “PARDONED?!?!? HE MURDERED AN INNOCENT PERSON.

ONE OF OUR PEOPLE. HOW CAN WE LET THAT JUST PASS? Damn! At a time when all we need is unity, the government decides to make a mistake like this. Who’s side are you on, really? Who are you really serving? The people of the Philippines or yourselves?”

She added: “So a murderer was just released for good conduct. Are we supposed to just forget that he killed Jennifer Laude because he’s done some good? #JusticeForJenniferLaude #TransLivesMatter.”

And another post from her: “Another question, you think this murderer (I’m not even gonna say his name) wasn’t treated fairly but, was it fair that Jennifer Laude was murdered out of hate just because of her sexual orientation? #TransLivesMatter.”

Of course, this opens her to bashers, specially Dutertards who’ll defend their idol come what may. So someone told her: “What? Ang boba pala ng babaeng ito. Now naniniwala na talaga akong acting lang ‘yung kunwaring matalino siya. Stick to your craft, girl. Huwag masyadong pahalata na wala kang alam sa basic conprehension on laws & current events. Lening Leni ang peg.”

But looks like Liza couldn’t care less. The important thing is she’s able to voice out her feelings, which are all valid anyway.

Publication Source :    People's Journal
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