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Lumagui: BIR employee caught extorting a business has been arrested, now behind bars

Extorting BIR employee

The Bureau of Internal Revenue, headed by Commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui Jr., caught a BIR employee extorting money from a business establishment during a joint entrapment operation with the Philippine National Police last February 14, 2024.

“Pinangako ko ang integrity and professionalism of the institution and employees. Kaya hindi natin palalagpasin ang mga ganitong gawain. Walang lugar sa Bagong BIR ang mga ganitong empleyado”, Commissioner Lumagui stated.

Reports were received by the BIR of a certain individual that was repeatedly extorting money from a business establishment selling kid’s bikes, under the guise of an official BIR Tax Compliance Verification Drive.

The BIR, in coordination with Barangay Officials and the Philippine National Police, caught the person and discovered that he is a BIR employee. It was not in the official function of this BIR employee to be in the taxpayer’s place of business or vicinity.

Since the arrest, criminal cases of robbery (extortion), grave coercion and usurpation of official function/authority, violations of Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, were subsequently filed before the Office of the City Prosecutor.

“All BIR officials conducting enforcement activities must be armed with the proper authority either a Letter of Authority or Mission Order. Taxpayers can always ask and verify the authority by which a BIR employee is visiting their office or business. You can report any individual, whether a BIR employee or a stranger, if he/she cannot show any official document that warrants his/her presence in your business establishment”, Commissioner Lumagui stated.

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