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Lumagui: BIR has issued over 100,000 Digital TIN IDs

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As the Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui Jr ushers in the year 2024, a significant milestone has been reached with the issuance of 102,046 Digital TIN ID (as of March 25, 2024) through the Bureau’s Online Registration and Update System (ORUS).

“Reaching the 100,000 mark for Digital TIN IDs issued by the BIR shows our effort to promote Excellent Taxpayer Service and expand our digital services to taxpayers. This is in line with the government’s thrust to promote Ease of Doing Business,” said Commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui, Jr.

The issuance of the Digital TIN ID via ORUS is part of the BIR’s continuous efforts to pursue digital innovation to improve the delivery of taxpayer service. By providing a convenient online access to taxpayers that is available 24/7, the process of securing a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) was streamlined and made easier. Taxpayers do not have to go and line up in the Revenue District Offices (RDO) just to get their TIN because they can do that now at the comfort of their own homes or offices.

The Digital TIN ID is a valid government-issued identification document that taxpayers can use for their transaction in government agencies and institutions, local government units, employers, banks, financial institutions and other relying parties, subject to authentication and verification. Though it does not require a signature, the authenticity of the Digital TIN ID can be verified online through the ORUS just by scanning the Quick Response (QR) Code appearing in the Digital TIN ID using a mobile device camera.

Individual taxpayers with existing TIN, with or without issued physical TIN Card, can apply for a Digital TIN ID by enrolling first in ORUS (https://orus.bir.gov.ph). Taxpayers with existing TIN are required to update their email addresses by sending an accomplished BIR Form S1905 via email to their concerned RDO or through the BIR’s Taxpayer Registration Related Application (TRRA) Portal that can be accessed in the BIR Website (www.bir.gov.ph).

The Digital TIN ID is FREE and not for sale. Taxpayers availing of the services of online sellers of TIN ID assistance risk the possibility of getting invalid/fake TIN and wrong taxpayer type classification, which may impact on their future transactions with the BIR.

The Digital TIN ID is not a temporary TIN ID. Both the physical TIN Card and Digital TIN ID are valid and can be presented as proof of TIN ownership, subject to authentication and verification online. Taxpayers with Digital TIN ID is not required to secure a physical TIN Card.

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