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Lumagui orders BIR investigation against Mayor Alice Guo and Companies on possible Tax Evasion issue

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Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Romeo D. Lumagui Jr. required 100% cooperation of the BIR with the ongoing senate inquiry against Bamban Mayor Alice Guo (Mayor Guo). Commissioner Lumagui has also ordered revenuers to look into the names and entities mentioned during the hearings. If the BIR finds that tax evasion has been committed, the BIR will proceed with all necessary enforcement activities including the potential filing of tax evasion cases.

“I have commanded the whole BIR to cooperate with the Senate and look into the mentioned names of individuals and entities as well as their accumulated wealth. The BIR will fully cooperate with the senate investigation on Mayor Guo. The BIR will also conduct its own investigation against the said individuals and entities. Due process will be followed. If the income declared with the BIR does not match the value of the properties amassed during the same taxable years, criminal cases for tax evasion will be filed. The same charges can be filed against conspirators and the corporate officers of the companies used to amass such wealth” Commissioner Lumagui stated.

The on-going senate investigation of Mayor Guo is being monitored by the BIR. The cash, properties, and other sources of wealth shown during the senate hearings should be substantiated with proper payment of taxes.

The BIR welcomes all informants, whether from the private sector or government agencies, that could provide the necessary documents and pieces of evidence in auditing Mayor Guo and the aforementioned companies.

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