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Maguindanao LGU leads Peace summit; highlights surrender of high powered firearms

Surrender of high powered firearms

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao – The Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Buldon, Maguindanao Mayor Abolais Manalao led the Iranun Peace Summit with the theme: “Kalilintad ko Iranun, Ompia ko Iranun” on October 20, 2021 at Buldon Municipal Hall, Maguindanao.

“The peace summit aims to strengthen the peace advocacy campaign of the municipality of Buldon, in collaboration with our partner stakeholders, AFP, PNP and the community. Through this, the different warring clans of our locality has been settled and a pledge of commitment against terrorism and terrorist groups was made.” Mayor Manalo said.

In attendance to the summit were 1st Marine Brigade Commander BGEN. Jonas Lumawag Jr, PRO BAR Regional Director BGEN. Eden Ugale and other peace stakeholders of the Province.

BGen Lumawag Jr, 1MBde Commander said “One of the highlights of the summit was the “rido” settlement and the surrender of high powered firearms which include one (1) Cal. 30 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), one (1) Cal. 50 Homemade Barret, one (1) Cal. 30 M1 Garand Rifle, one (1) R4A3 (Remington) 5.56mm Rifle, one (1) M16 A1 Rifle, two (2) M14 7.62mm Rifles and (1) Cal. 45 Pistol”.

Surrender of high powered firearms

Joint Task Force and 6th Infantry Division Commander, Major General Juvymax Uy commended the efforts of Buldon LGU, military and police in maintaining the peace and order in the Municipality of Maguindanao.

“You have declared the Communist Terrorist Groups (CTGs), Local Terrorist Groups (LTGs) and Armed Lawless groups as your enemy, let us all work together in attaining peace and security in our nation” MGen Uy said.

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