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Makakalikasan Assessment of the ASEAN Summit 2023. Shares concerns of President Marcos’ embrace of US interests!

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Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines has been closely monitoring the recently concluded ASEAN Summit 2023, and we are pleased to see that Indonesia has ensured that the three main pillars of its chairmanship have produced concrete agreements that can now be implemented by every member state in the long term.

We commend Indonesia’s efforts to lay a strong foundation for the long-term vision of ASEAN post-2025, which is necessary to prepare ASEAN to face long-term challenges. We believe that this is where it is necessary to strengthen capacity and institutions so that ASEAN becomes more agile.

ASEAN is facing several long-term challenges, including the shifting balance of power in the Asia Pacific, the persistence of intra-regional conflicts, border disputes, and issues surrounding the life of the dammed Mekong River, which has increasingly made headlines in the last few years. ASEAN is also facing external security challenges, including territorial disputes in the South China Sea and other concerns regarding ASEAN’s role and relevance in the region and beyond. Corruption, demographic changes, uneven social development, disparities in economic development, and climate change are also significant challenges that ASEAN is facing.

As a party that advocates for green ASEAN solidarity, we are pleased to see that the summit has addressed issues related to environmental protection and sustainable development. We are encouraged by the commitment of ASEAN leaders to work together to address climate change and promote sustainable development in the region.

We believe that this is a step in the right direction towards achieving our Green ASEAN Solidarity Agenda. However, we are concerned about the recent statements made by President Bongbong Marcos regarding his embrace of US interests.

We urge President Marcos to provide more practical details on his general statement during the ASEAN Summit and ensure that the interests of the Philippines and the ASEAN region are protected. We believe that ASEAN solidarity should be strengthened, and that the region should work together to promote its own interests and protect its own people.



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