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Makakalikasan Party Reacts to the Philippine Senate Coup. Cites Weaknesses of TRAPO Politics

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The Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines acknowledges the significant shift in the Philippine Senate’s leadership with the resignation of Senate President Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri. This transition marks a pivotal moment in our legislative landscape, necessitating reflection on the broader implications for governance, environmental policy, and national unity.

During today’s plenary session, Senator Zubiri announced his resignation in a privilege speech, highlighting the need for a leadership transition amid increasing pressures and political dynamics within the Senate. Zubiri’s decision was a strategic move to preserve the Senate’s integrity and functionality, especially in light of recent contentious debates, including the push for constitutional amendments and other legislative challenges.

In today’s episode of “Makakalikasan sa Senado,” Party President Roy Cabonegro articulated our initial assessment of this leadership change. He questioned the independence of the Senate, stating, “If even a Senate President is pressured to ‘bow down to the powers that be,’ then how independent really is the Philippine Senate?” He further raised concerns about the future role of the ousted Senate leaders, pondering whether they would “beef up the opposition in the Senate” or create a “third force”.

Cabonegro also highlighted the fragmentation of traditional political groups, noting this as a potential opportunity for progressive forces: “Is this not an early reflection of how TRAPO politics in LuzViMinda is shaping towards the May 2025 mid-term elections that may involve a three-way fight between the Marcos Camp, the Duterte Camp, and the Liberal Opposition? Shouldn’t the TRAPOs’ fragmentation now be a good time for the progressive forces to unite more, now?” He emphasized the importance of focusing on critical issues beyond traditional politics, especially serious political actions for the environment.

We commend Senator Zubiri for his dedication to upholding the Senate’s role as a bastion of democracy, particularly his efforts to counter proposals that could destabilize our constitutional framework. His leadership was marked by a commitment to fair oversight and constructive collaboration with the executive branch, ensuring that legislative processes remained robust and transparent.

As the Senate undergoes this leadership change, we urge the new Senate President and all members of the Senate to prioritize environmental sustainability and climate action in their legislative agenda. The current global environmental crisis demands urgent and cohesive action. The Philippines, being highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, must lead by example in implementing policies that protect our natural resources and promote sustainable development.

We also call on the Senate to maintain its independence and critical oversight functions, especially concerning laws that impact environmental governance and public welfare. The Makakalikasan – Nature Party Philippines is committed to working with the new Senate leadership to advance policies that foster environmental protection, social justice, and economic resilience.

In this period of transition, let us come together as a nation to support legislative measures that benefit all Filipinos and safeguard our country’s future. We remain hopeful that the new Senate leadership will champion these causes with the same vigor and integrity demonstrated by their predecessors.


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