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Make Love, not Amendments

Cha Cha vs People Power

The Senate and House of Representatives now seem to be going well after a prolonged heated word battle regarding their plan to amend our Constitution. Good, but not. No matter the stratagem they may agree on, however, by which they would execute it, the plan itself is wrong, if not abominable — plebiscite or no plebiscite.

Whatever battle you have in discharging your duties and responsibilities as public servants, dear lawmakers, it is first a battle of the people, for the people, and by the people. Your “politics” has nothing to do with the people.

The minute Congress becomes subservient to Malacanang, Filipinos cease to be free and begin to be captive of deleterious, poisonous politics. Cooperation or partnership is the word, not servility or docility, or inanity. The country is still in a democracy wherein the government’s sovereign power rests on the people, not on anyone of you in the government, lest you have forgotten.

There is no need to amend our Constitution, believe it or not. You’ve started it naughtily via a bogus “People Initiative” and you don’t mind being found out. Hence, goes the show and it “must go on.” There must be something amiss somewhere, somehow — behind, beneath and underneath your Cha-cha overture, a bane (not boon) at the end of it all. Besides, it is all wastage.

What is needed with regards to “economics” you are freakishly concerned about is simply for the entire government to do what needs to be done under the present Constitution that is “fraught” with what you call “restrictive economic provisions,” and we will progress for sure as a people and nation. Trust yourselves. But alas and alack, they haven’t been done yet. And so you blame the Constitution.

Some good things are happening, but corruption and imbecilities remain abounding. Be upright, wise, humane, sincere, selfless, patriotic, brave, creative, just, sane, godly and incorruptible. Pray, most importantly. Believe. Deeper problems linger and not one of them is in the Constitution. Henceforth, the Philippines continues to lag behind its neighboring Asian countries — in development and upliftment.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings (and hirelings).” – Cassius, William Shakespeare.

Your schizophrenia on Cha-cha dream (hallucination) could even lead to countless more/other looney acts like proposing P350 minimum wage hike just to show your “superior dominance” (and delusion) over every person on the planet — all Cha-cha related. Sceleratus, latro. God is the One and only one omnipotent. You are not.

The House and Senate’s deaf insistence to touch the sacred and tinker on the anointing virtue that is in the 1987 Constitution which was birthed by the divinely inspired 1986 People Power revolt, all despite the rational, decent, decorous protestations and massive oppositions to change, amend or reform it — is insane. “Touch not mine anointed..” – Psalm 105:15.

Why call our Constitution outdated? The Bible is thousands of years old. Its first book was written in 1400 BC, yet the Book’s precepts, statutes, heart and spirit stays in effect, true and relevant to serve, protect, guide and bless humankind, even until Christ’s Second Coming. It never gets old, obsolete and outdated. It is man that gets worn out and corrupted.

To Congress and Malacanang: Should you remain insisting on being adamant and self-willed to keep on working for your Cha-cha baby, by hook and by crook, and should you likewise insist on treating the people as “etcha-puwera” or “Edsa-puwera,” you cease to represent the Filipino people and thus virtually nullify the votes that had put you in the halls of power, rendering you all powerless.

By the way, the people cannot be equated to “surveys” or popularity surveys, but can be joined to truth, untouched by lies and manipulations. Vox populi, vox dei.

What you have been trying hard to change may not be the Constitution after all, but something else (unwittingly) that is far from your intent and wildest imagination. I detest the daymare I am foreseeing in the future because I personally do not want it to happen. But if happen it must (in a peaceful way), so be it. I hate to say this, but your kingly actuations on the matter could spur a new “EDSA.”

Cha Cha what

But why let it happen? Why not rather opt to make your votes count until the end of your terms than make “other” interests persist to be at the helm of your chief agenda for your parochial indulgence and whims and personal ambitions, alongside the agony and torment of everyone and the whole nation as a matter of consequence?

Listen to the voice of the people, not to that of your strange, dogged insistence, bullheadedness and obstinacy. Believe your own heart and the brains of those outside of your exclusive, elite circles. It is not only “economics” that is the problem, just as the controversies and hullabaloo surrounding your Cha-cha dance is not all about “economics” and entertainment. Make a u-turn. Drop the ball — ASAP.

Finally, could this be a coincidence? Valentine’s day and EDSA day fall under the same month. Likely not. The spectacle, heroism, romance and fragrance of February hangs around still and tarries. Won’t you rather make love, not amendments?

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