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Man kills younger brother on Xmas

A MAN killed his younger brother by hitting the victim with a crow bar on the nape on Christmas day in Taguig City.

Marvin Dela Cruz, 29, succumbed to severe nape injuries while being rushed to Taguig-Pateros District Hospital while his brother, Edwin, 51 was arrested by responding barangay law enforcers inside their house on Block 3, Lot 25, SS-Brigade, Bgy. Western Bicutan.

Taguig police chief P/Col. Celso Rodriguez said that prior to the killing, the siblings engaged in a drinking session on Thursday evening. After consuming several bottles of liquor, the suspect asked if his younger brother felt anything for Marvin’s live-in partner, accusing the two of being close to each other.

The victim denied his elder brother’s suspicions and allegedly responded, “Ang pangit-pangit niyan bakit ko papatulan.

At around 10 a.m. on Christmas day, the suspect confronted his live-in partner regarding her alleged sweetness with his younger brother that led to their heated altercation.

At the height of their heated argument, the suspect grabbed a crow bar and went to the third floor of their house where his brother was sleeping and without a word hit him hard in the nape.

A concerned citizen reported the incident to the barangay and with the assistance of P/Cpl. Richard Delos Reyes, they went to the house of the victim and arrested the suspect who was still at the ground floor of the house.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight