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Manila has arrived!!!

DESPITE the pandemic and all when the world had virtually come to a halt, there seems to be no stopping Manila Mayor Isko Moreno from continuously reaping all sorts of recognition from various award-giving bodies owing to his performance and kind of governance.

After being conferred second place in the ‘Best in Customer Empowerment G2C’ and the ‘Occupational Permits and Health Certificate Integration System’ categories of the Digital Governance Awards 2020, Moreno’s leadership got another feather in its cap when the city-run Sta. Ana Hospital headed by its director Dr. Grace Padilla and located in the sixth district of Manila, was recognized as one of the top awardees of the “Gawad Bayaning Kalusugan” in line with the consistent, efficient medical services being given by its officers, doctors and frontlining staff amid the pandemic.

The Digital Governance Awards given by the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), cited the city government’s ‘Go Manila’ app, which is an end-to-end solution to tax payment, where a taxpayer may be able to settle his dues without personally appearing in City Hall and wherever he may be, both here and abroad.

The “Gawad Bayaning Kalusugan” on the other hand, celebrates the individual and team stories of heroism and the hallmark service excellence offered by the individual frontliners during the times of the pandemic. It was jointly bestowed by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the Association of Allied Health Organizations of the Nation (AAHON) and the Health Educationalist, Advocates and Leaders Philippines (HEAL Phils).

The “Manila COVID Warriors” team of the Sta. Ana Hospital was also given due recognition by the same award-giving body and for it, the said hospital additionally received P50,000 cash prize.

Just last month, Moreno’s administration received its Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping recognition from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) which it similarly got last year, when Moreno barely rolled up his sleeves and buckled down to work. The award is a result of the DILG’s evaluation of different areas of local governance such as disaster preparedness, social protection, peace and order, business friendliness and competitiveness and its tourism, culture and the arts.

Moreno’s other previous awards include one from the Philippine Council of Management (Philcoman), one of the country’s oldest and prestigious non-profit organizations, which has also named him as the Management Man of the Year awardee for 2019 to 2020 for his outstanding achievements and distinguished track record in leadership, governance, education and innovations in sociology, health, sanitation, economics, politics, environment, transportation, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, business planning and strategic management.

Before this, he had also been chosen as recipient of the prestigious 2020 Volvo Ironmark Award for his remarkable dedication and passion for his job as a public servant. He was also People of the Year 2020 awardee for his inspirational story and achievements as incumbent mayor of Manila. Twice over, he was awarded Man of the Year of the Asia Leaders Award for his exemplary leadership.

Why, even Filipino graduates of the Harvard Business School also bestowed upon Moreno an award for ‘Excellence in Governance.’

Amid all these, Moreno had remained grounded and modest and never took the credit all to himslef.

In fact, he never fails to acknowledge and show gratitude to his co-workers led by his hard-working Vice Mayor, Honey Lacuna, including the rank-and-file employes.

Moreno also makes sure that he publicly shared his awards to his fellow officials, the city employes and even the residents of Manila whose cooperation and support he is always thankful for and always reciprocates with the best services humanly possible.

The successes continously being reaped by Moreno, the city government and the people of Manila may also be credited to the mayor’s constant invocation and citation of God’s help and how he always puts ‘God, first!’ in everything he does. Truly, Manila has arrived. And yet, Mayor Kois has only just begun…


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