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Manila Health Dep’t opens 6 pharmacies

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno with (behind him) MHD chief Dr. Arnold 'Poks' Pangan and (behind, left) assistant secretary to the mayor Manuel 'Letlet' Zarcal. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno announced that the Manila Health Department (MHD) headed by Dr. Arnold ‘Poks’ Pangan has opened six large pharmacies in the city’s six districts to decentralize the distribution of medicines, expedite their release and avoid their expiration.

Moreno said the opening was made a day before the September 25 celebration of the “World Pharmacists Day 2020,” with Pangan himself leading the festivities. The pharmacies are located in each of the district health centers of the MHD.

These are District 1 – Vitas Health Center, 2403 Vitas St, 101 Tondo Vitas St, 101 Tondo, Manila, 1012 Metro Manila; District 2- Atang Dela Rama Health Center, Tirso Cruz St., 175 Zone 15, Manila, 1013 Metro Manila; District 3 – F. Lanuza Health Center, F. Lanuza Bldg, 1533 Alvarez St, Santa Cruz, Manila, 1003 Metro Manila; District 4 – F. Legarda Health Center, 554 Kundiman, Sampaloc, Maynila, 1008 Kalakhang Manila; District 5 – Paco Health Center, 1427, Canonigo Street, Paco, Manila, 1007 Metro Manila and District 6 – Bacood Health Center, 406 Lakas, Santa Mesa, Manila, 1016 Metro Manila.

Moreno said Pangan previously set the goal of opening such large pharmacies in each health center in the six districts of Manila to “decentralize” the distribution of the medicines.

The medicines are given for free to the city’s residents needing these, as well as to city government employees, Pangan reported to the mayor.

The medicines, Pangan added, originally come from the Department of Health (DOH) or were donated by private organizations. They are delivered to the DOH and samples are collected by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for testing.

After approval, these are then distributed to regional offices of the DOH as well as to local government units (LGUs). The LGUs will allocate to their respective local health facilities, he added.

World Pharmacist Day is celebrated every 25th of September to promote awareness on the importance and role of a pharmacist. On this day, the main aim is to showcase pharmacists and their positive effects on health.

Publication Source :    People's Tonight