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Manila leads the way — Again

ONCE again, Manila led the way among all other local government units (LGUs) when it promptly came up with Ordinance No. 8688 ‘prohibiting the use of karaokes, videokes and other sound-producing devices which tend to disturb the community.’

The said ordinance, which was passed by the Manila City Council under the tutelage of its presiding officer, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna and majority leader Atty. Joel Chua, is an administration measure initiated by Mayor Isko Moreno himself.

Mayor Kois says his office had been swamped with complaints from angry parents and guardians that the online classes of students in their households are being disrupted by unnecessary noise on a daily basis, brought on by ‘singing sessions’.

Chua said the mayor was overwhelmed by the complaints and that even they, the councilors, have also been receiving similar complaints that the students get distracted because of the noise being created by karaokes within the neighborhood.

The ordinance comes as the educational system in the country for private and public schools, transitioned to e-learning or online classes, also called, ‘blended, distant learning,’ in lieu of the usual face-to-face classes which has spurred fears of possible transmission among the students of COVID-19 which continues to claim lives.

While there were suggestions that the prohibition be effected from Monday to Friday only, beginning at 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Chua said Mayor Kois had decided to include Saturdays, saying classes also took place on the said day. Devices used for online or e-learning by students or teachers are exempt from the ordinance.

As usual, Mayor Kois had expressed his profound thanks to his ever-supportive Vice Mayor Honey and Chua, for swiftly passing the said ordinance for the sake of the students whose online classes have been disturbed by loud singing sessions taking place daily, since the opening of schoolyear 2020-2021 last October 5, 2020.

Violation of the ordinance carries a fine of P1,000, P2,000 and P3,000 for the first, second and third or more offense, respectively, and all barangay officials and police officers are tasked to implement the said ordinance.

This quick response from the city government of Manila as initiated by Mayor Kois himself is highly laudable, since there really is a need to adjust the behavior of everyone, in consideration of the students now engaging in online classes.

Makati City Pabakuna

Unlike before when these students are inside their classrooms, this time, they are inside their homes or in the communities.

As it is, adjusting to this system is already very challenging, sometimes really difficult, for most, if not all students and having distractions is the least they need in order to concentrate and learn.

The prohibition and subsequent directive tasking barangays and the police to implement the ordinance will do away with possible animosities or fights sparking between and among community members if they were to personally ask their neighbors to keep the volume down or turn off their karaoke in the meantime.


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