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Manila’s No Contact Apprehension Cites Decrease In Traffic Violations Seven Months After Implementation

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Manila Traffic and Parking Management Bureau (MTPB) of the City Government of Manila reports a decrease in their monthly monitoring of traffic violations after seven months of implementation. The No-Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP) is a traffic management enforcement system that has been effect in the city of Manila since December 2020.

According to MTPB Chief of Operation Wilson Chan, there has been a decrease of 25 to 31% in traffic violation citations for the first half of the year on a month-to-month basis, “this only shows that our NCAP traffic enforcement system is indeed working and is a major help to the city in terms of managing the traffic.”

To efficiently supervise traffic in the city, a total of 27 cameras have been installed in major thoroughfares in Manila as of August this year. The NCAP system also aims to lessen the face-to-face interaction of traffic enforcers and motorists especially during the pandemic.

On record, the top three major violations committed by motorists captured by the system includes disobedience to traffic controls and signals, disregarding lane markings and reckless driving, among the many. Taft Avenue, being one of the long major roads in the city tops the list of the location with the most number of traffic violations.

Sa NCAP natututo ang driver at dahil may penalty, hindi na sila umuulit. Umaayos ang daloy ng trapiko at natututo ang mga motoristang sumunod sa batas-trapiko miski walang traffic enforcer doon. Masaya kami sa data na nagpapakita na may improvement sa sistema sa kalsada, unti-unti ay naisasaayos na din,” Chan further emphasizes.

The NCAP is a network of traffic cameras across the city where the vehicle plate number of an erring motorist is captured by the system camera to generate a Notice of Violation (NOV) which is similar to a ticket violation issued by a traffic enforcer. The NOV is then sent to the owner of the vehicle based on LTO registration along with the instructions of how to address the said violation. The NCAP system is ordained by City Ordinance 8676 of the City of Manila.

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