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Manila VM Yul Servo holds solo exhibit in Escolta

Yul Servo
Manila Vice Mayor Yul Servo with a sample of his artwork behind him.

MANILA Vice Mayor Yul Servo-Nieto is inviting the public to visit his current solo art exhibit that began on February 17 and will last until March 16, 2024 at the Calvo Building on Escolta Street, Manila.

The Vice Mayor expressed gratitude that the country’s ‘world of art’ is now embracing his unique artistic skills like never before and with good reason, since he opts to use his fame to promote art and history by making a unique map out of scrap metals.

Instead of using his skills for added livelihood, Servo donates proceeds to charitable groups.

His work embodies the post-modern philosophy by deconstructing and reassembling familiar visual language to provoke ideas and discussions on deeper appreciation for the rich trajectory of human creativity that encompasses the world of art.

When talking about his artistic endeavors, he often states: “The key to the future lies in tracing the past”.

Directions IV

Art is an expression of our ideas, intuitions, and aspirations but for Servo, it is even more personal as it is more about sharing the way we experience the world, but an extension of personality.

It communicates the intimate concept that words alone cannot faithfully portrayed. The amalgamation of shapes, lines, and colors on his metal artworks created a representational reality on his series of works that has so much to say about urban dynamism on bird’s eye view.

Directions 4 manifests Nieto’s continuous progress of his artworks particularly engaging on detailing particular cities of its extraordinary economic engines on culture, history, education, wealth, power and innovation.

His dynamic and ever-evolving perception of art continues to push boundaries, challenge norms, and imitate meaningful discourse. His series of artworks Directions 1 at the Manila Hotel’s Art Gallery, Manila; Directions 2 at Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo, Rizal; and Directions 3 at Bulwagang Rodriguez in the Manila City Hall, explores detailed information about roads, landmarks, and geographical features.

Philosophy of aesthetics provides resources for cartography to respond and reform in response to critiques and to argue its value as a discipline on making good maps.

Itchie G. Cabayan
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