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Manila works really hard; Bye new market fire chief Eddie Tan

FIRST of all, I would like to ask for your prayers for ex-New Market Fire chief and former Tondo barangay kagawad Eddie K. Tan, who passed on the other day at the age of 80, leaving behind his wife and children Lady and Paul.

Eddie was not only a dear family member. He was also a big brother, a friend of long standing and confidante and a loyal supporter through and through.

With the many years he spent on volunteerism and public service, I am certain he was able to help and touch countless lives. We will all miss him and his kind-heartedness. Please help us pray for the eternal repose of his soul…


A family who had lost their member to COVID-19 recently wishes to express their heartfelt gratitude to Mayor Isko Moreno, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, Sta. Ana Hospital Director Dr. Grace Padilla, Manila Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) chief Arnel Angeles and Manila North Cemetery Director Yayay Castaneda for the kind of system they have put in place for the benefit of the residents of Manila when it comes to COVID cases.

All of them have been working non-stop to help the best way they can all those who get infected by the virus, up to their time of confinement and even in the unfortunate event of their demise.

I take my hats off to all of them, including the men and women working with and under them.

Covering the Manila beat closely, I know for a fact how overworked all of them are and yet, they continue working even beyond the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule and yes, even during weekends specially these days.

It is a known fact how heavily preoccupied Moreno and Lacuna are not only with the surge in COVID cases but also in getting as many as possible vaccinated while making sure that the 700,000 families residing in Manila get fed in the midst of the pandemic under the city government’s food security program.

And of course, there is also the payout of the social amelioration program that has to be done at the soonest time possible, knowing that the people need the money.

Moreno never fails to thank those working hard to get things done, specially social welfare department chief Re Fugoso, Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau chief Dennis Viaje, city engineer Armand Andres and department of public services chief Kenneth Amurao. They and their personnel are the ones behind the distribution of SAP funds and the food boxes as well, disregarding the hazards of exposing themselves to possible infection.

On the health aspect, particularly when it comes to COVID cases, there is no denying that the hands of Dr. Padilla and her personnel are more than full considering the daily huge volume of swab tests alone, not to mention the over capacity number of patients. And yet they have to disregard tiredness, knowing the patients have no one to turn to but the people in government at this time.

Ditto with Dr. Ted Martin, director of the Gat Antonio Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center (GABMMC), whose area of responsibility, Tondo, is consistently either on top or number two in the areas in Manila with the highest number of COVID cases.

Dr. Martin says the number of people being swabbed at his hospital is also overwhelming but that they have to continue taking good care of the residents who desperately need help.

In the case of Angeles, he restructured the functions of the MDRRMO in such a way that they now serve over and above their designated functions, especially in the light of the pandemic.

They do not only assist in the vaccination sites but also serve other COVID-related functions, even if they are risky.

Castaneda and her personnel also unexpectedly got overwhelmed recently, with the number of those needing services in her area of jurisdiction. She also works beyond normal working hours and days just to be able to help the needy, to whom her office is designed to cater.

To all of them, congratulations for a job well done! Mayor Kois is correct when he commends them from time to time and acknowledges how fortunate he is to have efficient and dedicated people working for and with him and specially, for having Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna by his side who is not only very supportive but also has the willingness to go beyond the designated functions of her office to ensure the success of his programs and dreams for the people of Manila.

On the other hand, Vice Honey and the rest of the officials I mentioned say the amount of work they put is only commensurate to the kind of hard work they see is being done by their leader, Mayor Isko Moreno.


Jokjok (from Junnebert Francisco of Sta. Mesa, Manila)—Sa isang museum…

Tourist: Ito ba ang tinatawag ninyong “art”? Ang pangit naman! Nakakasuka! Painting ba ‘to? Iwww!!/Tourist Guide: Ay hindi po, Sir. Salamin po ‘yan!


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Itchie G. Cabayan
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