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Manila’s Free Tablets

LIKE other local government officials, Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso continues to exert his best efforts to ensure the success of the Department of Education’s flexible learning program in Manila.

In the view of various quarters, Mayor Moreno, a former scavenger, has concrete “plans of action” on how to address the various problems confronting the city’s education sector amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The local government has allotted some P994 million to purchase 110,000 tablets and 11,000 laptops for distribution to the city public school students and teachers, respectively, according to Moreno.

Moreno announced the “good news” last Friday after meeting with members of the Local School Board, which the highly-articulate and workaholic movie actor-turned-government official chairs.

The 110,000 tablets with SIM cards and monthly 10GB internet load will be distributed to the city’s Kindergarten pupils to Grade 12 students for their online classes this school year (2020-21).

On the other hand, the 11,000 laptops with pocket Wi-Fi and monthly 10GB internet load will be given to public school teachers in the country’s premier city, Mayor Moreno added.

At the same time, the local chief executive from the impoverished district of Tondo called on parents to enroll their children, citing the importance of education for the future of their kids.

We can understand that many local government units (LGUs) across the country cannot afford to provide their students and teachers with free gadgets because of lack of financial resources.

Admittedly, Mayor Moreno’s P994-million budget to purchase tablets and laptops for the city’s students and teachers is unthinkable in impoverished LGUs throughout the Philippines.

If this is not possible in these LGUs, perhaps local government authorities may enlist the help of politicians, who are known to be very “generous” and approachable during elections.

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