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Man’s Wild Theory About Afterlife Is Freaking Out TikTok Users

Jess Hardiman

A TikToker has shared a wild theory about the afterlife, which not only attempts to explain what happens when you die, but also why we sometimes experience déjà vu.

Brandon Monhollen (@brandonmonhollen) responded to a question posed by another TikTok user, who asked: “What’s a conspiracy theory that absolutely blows your mind?”

In his video, Monhollen detailed a theory he’d read about recently which he found ‘seriously intriguing’, saying in the caption he hoped it ‘gains some traction’.

He said: “I’m not exactly sure if this is a conspiracy theory but, I read this about six months ago.

“What if when we die, the light at the end of the tunnel is the light to another hospital. There we are born, and the only reason you come out crying is because you remember everything from your past life and you’re crying at the fact that you died and lost everything.

“As you grow and start to forget your past life, and you focus on the life that you have now, patches of memory stay behind and that memory causes déjà vu.”

The video has since racked up more than 530,000 views and 25,000 likes in the space of a day.

UserCredit: TikTok/@brandonmonhollen

While some social media users remained unconvinced by the idea or said it sounded like an episode of Black Mirror, others admitted they ‘don’t hate’ the theory and felt it ‘makes sense’.

One person commented: “Whooooooa dude!!! I think that’s the most sense anyone has ever made!!!”

Someone else clearly found it pretty mind-blowing, adding: “Did you have to… omg… not going to sleep for a week.”

Some also attempted to pad out the theory, with one writing: “And that’s the reason why we have certain anxieties or fear of something is because of our past lives.”

Another suggested: “I believe in God but maybe if u haven’t been bad enough for hell or good enough for heaven so he keeps sending u back till the last judgment lol.”

As for the side note about déjà vu, another TikTok user – who just so happens to be a doctor – believes there may be a simpler explanation.

In a recent video, Dr Karan Raj explained: “It’s a glitch in your brain. It’s when a new short term memory gets accidentally stored in the long term memory – so it feels like it’s happened before, because our brain is telling us it’s an old memory.”

He added: “It’s just sloppy admin by your brain.”


MLB Players and the Pfister Hotel Ghosts

Jocelyne LeBlanc

With the new season in Major League Baseball underway, teams visiting the Milwaukee Brewers may have more to worry about than just winning their games.

The Pfister Hotel, which is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, opened its doors in 1893 and is said to be exceptionally haunted with several professional baseball players having had their own paranormal experiences while staying there. Let’s take a look at some of the strange events experienced by some of the players.

When Carlos Martinez stayed at the hotel, he witnessed an apparition in his room and it startled him so much that the next day he had a tough time pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals which he blamed on the ghost. Other Cardinals members, Carlos Martínez and Marcell Ozuna, both witnessed an entity in each of their rooms when they stayed there in 2018.

When Adrián Beltré was with the Los Angeles Dodgers back in 2001, he also had experiences at the hotel when he heard knocking on his door in addition to the air conditioner and television repeatedly turning on and off. He then heard loud pounding sounds coming from the opposite side of the bed’s headboard as if someone was hitting it.

HotelPfister Hotel

Bryce Harper had a pretty creepy experience when he stayed there while playing for the Washington Nationals. Prior to going to bed, he put his clothes on a table but the next morning they were all on the floor and the table was on the other side of the room. Nobody else was in the room with him. He was so freaked out that he asked to be moved to another room on a different floor.

When the Cincinnati Reds were in town, Brandon Phillips was in his room when the radio suddenly turned on without any explanation. He immediately turned it off and got in the shower, but when he stepped out of the bathroom, he realized the radio had turned back on. Another player, former San Francisco Giants member, Pablo Sandoval, had an experience with a music-loving ghost as well when his iPod inexplicably turned on while he was in the shower.

When the Los Angeles Angels stayed at the hotel, C.J. Wilson had several experiences such as lights flickering, the television turning off and on, and scratching sounds coming from the wall. And Wilson wasn’t the only Angels player who experienced strange things there. When Ji-Man Choi played with them, he saw an unexplained mist hovering over him while he was trying to go to sleep.

Not(Not the Pfister Hotel)

These are just some of the many claims of paranormal activity reported by professional baseball players who have stayed at the Pfister Hotel. And some of them were so terrified that they have refused to stay there again and if they do end up at the Pfister, they share their room with another player so they’re not alone.

With so many players experiencing strange things, perhaps the ghosts of the Pfister Hotel are super fans of the Milwaukee Brewers and are attempting to torture the visiting teams in order to help their home team win. Actually, that would make a lot of sense because in the early days of the hotel’s operation, it was normal for locals to harass the visiting teams by knocking on their doors and windows in order to prevent them for having a peaceful sleep. It is believed that the original owner, Charles Pfister, is continuing the taunts in the afterlife. In fact, several guests have reported seeing a male apparition who they believe is Mr. Pfister.


Edison Worked on a Spirit Phone to Record Voices of the Dead

Paul Seaburn

A long-lost chapter of the memoir of Thomas Edison has been found and published in France and it contains details of the great inventor’s plans to build a device to record the voices of the newly departed.

Edison’s original memoir is called “Diary And Sundry Observations” and was published in 1948, 16 years after his death. The first edition of the book contained a last chapter called “Spiritualism,” a collection of essays in which Edison talks about his beliefs in an afterlife and a way to communicate with the dead.

I believe, rightly or wrongly, that life is undestructable … I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected, or moved, or manipulated – whichever term you want to use – by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something … I have been at work for sometime building an apparatus to see if it is possible for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us.

Edison worked on what has come to be called the “Telephone to the Dead” during the last ten years of his life. Part of the work involved amplifying the sounds from his phonograph in hopes the background noise would contain spirit voices. As an insurance policy, he made a deal with He also made a deal with engineer William Walter Dinwiddie that whoever died first would attempt to leave a message on the machine. The device has never been found and his family had the chapter removed from all subsequent editions of the book.

Until now. In cooperation with Philippe Baudouin, a French radio presenter and philosopher, a French publisher is releasing the entire text with the missing chapter included in a book titled “Le Royaume de l’Au-dela” (The Kingdom of the Afterlife). Baudouin summarized Edison’s quest in this way:

(Edison) imagined being able to record the voice of another being, to be able to make audible that which isn’t — the voice of the dead.

Was Edison on the brink of what would truly have been his greatest invention? Crank up your phonograph and see if he’s left you a message.

Description: Try playing the record backwards.

TryTry playing the record backwards.