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Mars Wrigley Antipolo to welcome a new year with strengthened diversity and inclusivity efforts

Mars Wrigley Women Associates

The growing movement towards achieving a more diverse and inclusive society is worthy of celebrating this holiday season. Doing its share in strengthening this movement is Mars Wrigley, the world’s leading confectionery manufacturer. Beyond producing sweets like Doublemint® and Juicy Fruit®, the factory also develops programs and opportunities to strongly empower women as they rise above unfair gender-based challenges.

Since the pandemic, employment among women globally dropped by 13 million according to the Mars #HereToBeHeard report, a global listening study representing the voices of women who share their views of what makes for a more inclusive society. The report collected data and insights from 10,319 women from 88 countries to address one question: What needs to change so more women can reach their Full Potential? Among the responses, the following themes emerged: gender-balanced leadership and equal opportunities, parental support, greater work-life balance and safe space for everyone. Keeping these key insights in mind, Mars Wrigley strives to break down barriers women face in the workplace so they can unlock their full potential and thrive.

Gender-balanced leadership and equal opportunities

Mars Wrigley is closing the gap to reach gender-balanced leadership teams. Talent pipeline is regularly reviewed through its hiring panels and development programs. Moreover, increased workplace flexibility is implemented to help relieve some of the stressors of balancing work and family especially among women who are oftentimes forced to choose between the two.

Mars’ commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace reflects on its Antipolo factory. With more than a hundred Associates, the factory management team has already achieved a 50:50 gender balance ratio in leadership and are now working on achieving the same results across the rest of the business.

“Mars Wrigley has been intentional in hiring female Associates in production. There is also a good mix of tenured and relatively new Associates and we continue to have a high level of engagement with all of them,” says Mars Wrigley Quality & Food Safety Manager Rosalie Dizon.

In the 2019 Flexjobs survey, roughly 31% of women who took a break in their career after having children did not want to, but felt they had to due to a lack of workplace flexibility, and 70% said it was difficult for them to re-enter the workforce after taking time off. On the contrary, Mars Wrigley empowers women to stay in the workforce by enabling them to balance their personal and professional schedules instead of forcing them to choose one over the other.

“At Mars Wrigley Antipolo, I have equal access to opportunities and support like my other peers, men or women. During my eight years here, my career growth has flourished at the same time as I was able to start my own family. This is a solid example of how women, including mothers, are supported and set up for success in our workplace,” said Veronica Aguila who is a member of the factory leadership team as Supply Excellence Manager.

“I am proud to be an Associate of Mars where everyone feels equally valued and empowered. The company’s principles are even aligned with my personal belief as a mother. As a woman, I am proud that I have been entrusted to lead many projects that have raised the standard of the general facilities in the factory,” shared Mars Wrigley Administrative Assistant Melody Arboleda,

As a global manufacturing company, Mars Wrigley has been transforming the industry as they bridge the gap between female and male Associates. The company has enforced measures to make the workplace more inclusive and encourage more women to join the industry.

“My journey since obtaining my college degree in BS Mechanical Engineering and being employed in previous jobs has been challenging. Working at Mars, however, I feel at home, safe and respected,” said Annalyn Mendoza, Mars Wrigley’s first-ever female project engineer.

“We, at Mars Wrigley, hope to set the standard and transform workplaces in the Philippines by showing how striving for inclusion and diversity benefits employees, businesses, and communities. As we usher in a new year, we are determined to strengthen our efforts in fostering a workplace where both men and women can thrive and succeed,” said Antipolo Factory Director Fernando del Castillo.

Know more about Mars Wrigley’s workplace culture at www.mars.com/about/inclusion-and-diversity.


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